The Revolution: How To Build A Home Gym For Under $50


The Revolution: Home Gym Under $50

Harley Pasternak shared the things you need to create your own home gym for less than $50.

The Revolution: $50 Home Gym

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the equipment you need to have a great workout at home.


Jump Rope – $5

A Jump Rope is easy to use, and Harley said anyone can do it. It gets your heart rate up and you can find it for about $5. You can burn up to 20 calories per minute while jumping rope.

Click here to purchase a $5 Amber Sports Jump Rope.

Stability Ball – $12

You can use a Stability Ball to do ball crunches and bust your belly fat. Harley recommends this as an affordable alternative to a weight bench. It’s also a good office chair at home or at work to tone throughout the day.


Click here to purchase a $12 TKO Fitness Ball.

Hand Weights – $20 (set of 2)

Hand Weights can work your entire body. They’re versatile and the whole family can use them. Harley recommends slowly building up your collection of weights to manage the cost.

Click here to purchase $20 Neoprene Dumbbells.

Harley’s home gym suggestions add up to a total cost of $37. He added that you can save about $800 by creating a home gym instead of joining a gym.

The Revolution: Sarah Baum Makeover

Sarah Baum is a probation officer, mother, and wife. She is now at the halfway point of her personal five-month Revolution. Previously, Sarah’s Weight Landed Her On Desk Duty and she started a Revolution by trying Basketball & Paintball Workouts.

Sarah said she is still teaching herself to control her snacking and Cereal Addiction. She struggled with her body image, which has caused friction in her relationship with her husband. Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry encouraged her to Use “I” Statements For Better Communication.

Pull Muscles & Upper Body Strength

Sarah is still working toward her goal of scaling the wall she needs to clear in her fitness test so she can get back out on the streets at her job. Harley Pasternak said he has been working with Sarah on her “Pull Muscles,” in the back and arm that will help her develop greater upper body strength to pull herself up over that wall.

Revolution TV: Playground Pull Ups

Harley Pasternak said doing Pull Ups while at the playground with your kids is a great way to get in your own workout while having fun with the family.

The Revolution: Sarah Baum Weight Loss

After three months, Sarah showed off her shrinking belly. She said it’s “one little roll now instead of two.” Her current weight is 222.8, which brings her total weight loss to 25 pounds in three months.

Harley said Sarah isn’t thrilled that she only lost six pounds in a month. But he explained that weight loss is not linear and tends to go up and down. Any number of physiological factors could affect the rate at which you lose weight.

The Revolution: Declutter Garage Tips

Ty Pennington visited Sarah’s garage to help her with her Me List goal of de-cluttering her life. He was overwhelmed by the junk he found in the family’s garage. He went item by item through some of her clutter to ask her what she really needed to hang on to.

Clearing out some room in the garage would allow Sarah to get some workouts at home. Ty suggested creating a workout area for Sarah and a workshop area for her husband in their garage.

Ty Pennington Garage Makeover

Ty said lots of people default to putting extra stuff in the garage. This leads to garage clutter, but the garage can have many useful functions if you maximize the space instead of filling it with junk. He and his makeover team worked their magic on Sarah’s garage.

Sarah was excited to see the cleaned up garage, which seemed to have a lot more room once it was painted and organized. Ty used a curtain to hide a clear bin storage area and add some shelves above the washer and dryer.

The workout area featured a custom built workbench and organized storage areas to keep everything neat. Sarah got really emotional about the changes to her garage, and the support she is getting from The Revolution.

The Revolution: Clutter Challenge

Ty Pennington challenged everyone to go through their garages and get rid of five things they don’t need to hang on to. Why stop there? I’m sure there are plenty of closets, basements, and attics that could also use some clutter busting. Maybe I’ll get around to tossing a few things from my closet this week.


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