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The Revolution: Vivian Cheung

Vivian and her fiancee Matt have been working together to get fit before their wedding. Vivian said she runs 20 to 30 miles a week, but her overeating is keeping her from losing weight.

She said she struggled with addiction to fast food and wants to live a healthier lifestyle. She has worked hard to resist the temptations of the fast food lifestyle she used to take for granted.


Learn To Sew To Save Money

Learn To Sew To Save Money While You Lose Weight And Need Smaller Clothes!

Revolution TV: Obesity & Health Risks

Matt also wants to lose weight and be fit so the couple can make a fresh start and plan for the future. With his family history of obesity related health issues, it was important to him that he start making healthier choices.

The Revolution pitched in to help with other aspects of the couple’s lives together. Tim Gunn helped Vivian Choose A Discount Wedding Dress, and Michelle Singletary helped the couple Cut Off Credit Cards.


Learn To Sew & Saving Money

As Vivian lost weight, she realized her clothes weren’t fitting anymore, but she knew she couldn’t buy new clothes, so she decided to learn to sew to save money. She also figured out healthy swaps for her favorite fattening fast food recipes.

Matt is losing weight as well, despite a setback with his foot early on. In her first three months, Vivian lost 31 pounds.

Harley Pasternak said Vivian is always late for their workouts, so he’s been working with her on combining exercises to save time.

Harley Pasternak’s 3-In-1 Exercise

Using a weight bar or broom, bend at the waist and push your butt back, pulling the weight up toward your elbows. Then stand up and use the weight to do a bicep curl.

This combines a hamstring exercise, back row for posture, and arm exercise. Harley suggested three sets of 20 reps, two or three times per day.

Vivian Cheung 4 Month Update

Vivian said she struggled this month and was looking forward to stepping on the scale.

Her new weight is 165.2, a loss of 39 pounds in four months. Harley said she could be doing even better if she were on time for workouts and was getting additional exercise.


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