The Revolution: Dead Lift & Bicep Curl Home Gym Workout Exercises


The Revolution: Jenny’s Exercise Plan

Harley Pasternak has been sharing some of Revolution Hero, single mom and cancer survivor Jenny’s exercises with viewers this week on The Revolution.

So far, he has showed how you can do the Back Stroke Without A Pool and Ride Waves Without A Surfboard. It all started with a simple Elbow To Knee Exercise. But as Jenny got back in shape, Harley even challenged Jenny to lose 7,000 Calories In One Day, by working out to the extreme.


The Revolution: Home Gym Exercises

Harley Pasternak suggests using free weights or household objects to get started with simple fitness routines.

The Revolution: Home Gym Workout Exercises

Now he has a couple more exercises that can be done at home using free weights or whatever you have around the house, such as soup cans or broomsticks. You can even buy a lead pipe at the hardware store to use for working out.

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Revolution TV: Dead Lift Exercise

For this exercise, you can use a weighted bar, free weights, or whatever else you are substituting. Hold the weight against your thighs. Look up and push your hips back. This will work your thigh and hamstring muscles, as well as your lower back.

Harley suggested three sets of 20 reps a couple times each week. Ty Pennington commented that he felt like the exercise worked his nonexistent butt, which made the ladies in the audience swoon and cheer for some reason.

Harley explained that it does affect the upper muscles of the leg, and Ty took an opportunity to give the audience a better view of his completely flat butt. Either that or Tim Gunn needs to work with him to find better jeans for his body.

The Revolution: Bicep Curl

Harley Pasternak’s second exercise was the Bicep Curl. You can use the same equipment for this exercise.

Start with the bar in front of you, or your weights at your sides. Bring the weight up toward the shoulders, then back down to the starting position.

This exercise works your bicep muscles on the front of your arm. These exercises can help your body build and tone muscle.

For this exercise, Harley also recommended three 20-rep sets twice a week.


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