The Revolution: Ty Pennington & Tim Gunn Talk Show Review


The Revolution: Premiere Review

There are a gaggle of daytime talk shows featuring opinionated panelists dispensing advice and sass. Joining the fray today is ABC’s latest affordable soap opera alternative, The Revolution. But what sets this apart from the pack?

“The Revolution is all about You,” as its quintet of hosts is eager to make known. There are some familiar faces, like designer Ty Pennington of the recently canceled Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and fashion expert Tim Gunn from Project Runway.


ABC's The Revolution Talk Show Premiere

ABC debuted a new daytime talk show, "The Revolution," to help viewers improve their lives.

Then there are the less recognizable hosts, including OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, fitness trainer Harley Pasternak, and therapist Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry.

The Revolution TV Show: Talk Show Set & Hosts

The set is evocative of every other roundtable talk show on the air, though in fairness their table is more of an oval. The back wall serves as an entrance to the set for hosts and guests alike, with five individual panels that are perfect for displaying graphics behind the hosts or showing off “Before” picture silhouettes of The Revolution’s success stories.


As the experts/hosts introduced themselves, they shared familiar platitudes about improving your life and helping you to achieve your goals. The hosts each bring an expertise to the table, though Ty Pennington’s function seems to be more ringleader than interior designer, based on the heavily edited first episode.

Presumably, the panel of hosts will float in and out of segments as their specialty calls for, with heavy emphasis today on Harley Pasternak’s Fitness Plan and Tim Gunn’s Style Advice. An upcoming show about breast cancer will presumably press Dr. Jennifer Ashton into more abundant service.

The Revolution Heroes: Weeklong Makeover Segments

Each week, The Revolution will follow one woman through a five-month transformation, designed to inspire the audience to make changes in their own life. Other shows have done makeovers, but this “tune in tomorrow” hook evokes the cliffhangers and ongoing sagas of the soap operas it’s replacing. Can it snare the same audience?

Also, viewers may be confused by the ladies’ weight loss, because these “Heroes” segments must be taped months apart. Will we be able to notice physical changes among the hosts as well throughout the course of a week, with hairstyles and waistlines zig-zagging through five months of weight loss tips and fashion advice?

The Revolution: Harris Sisters Transformation

The premiere episode relied heavily on the beginning of a Transformative Journey For The Harris Sisters, who want to overcome their lifelong struggles with weight and co-dependence so they can lead happier lives.

The Harris Sisters are engaging and had no trouble carrying their segments in today’s show. They’ll appear throughout the week to chronicle their Revolution journey, with a big reveal on Friday’s program.

It’s too early to tell how big a part the Heroes Makeover Revolution segments will play in each day’s show. But if we are saddled with less charismatic characters, viewers can’t be blamed for growing listless or getting itchy fingers with the remote control.

The Revolution: Premiere Episode Analysis

The premiere of The Revolution began with the brisk pace of a soft morning news program, breezily flitting between fashion tips, household repair solutions, and quick medical tips. But once the makeover portion began, the momentum was broken by a much more leisurely excursion through the Harris Sisters’s backstory.

By leveraging its variety of hosts, finding a consistent tone, and avoiding the gimmicky sponsored giveaways, The Revolution will have a solid chance of setting itself apart. But in daytime TV, that is not always viewed as a good thing.

Given the economics of a talk show compared to the soap opera it’s replacing, it’s a safe bet that The Revolution will have plenty of time to find its own way.



  1. flava Krystal says

    The show may find it’s way in the garbage, because it won’t be seen in my house. I don’t want trash in my house. So long ABC. I am not watching the revulsion. Sorry. Bring back One Life To Live.

  2. Earn says

    I enjoyed seeing the success of the Harris Sisters. I’m glad you followed their progress as they trasformed their lives. It’s a good motivator for those of us who are watching. keep up the good work!

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