The Revolution TV Show Recap January 30 2012


The Revolution January 30, 2012

Today The Revolution focused on portion size as well as waste control and waist control. Follow these links to read more about today’s broadcast.

The Revolution: 1/3 Clothing Proportions & Pizza Portion-Size Tripled

Tim Gunn said you can find the right clothes to flatter your figure by following his rule of thirds. Also, did you know the portion size of pizza has tripled in the last 20 years? Find out the appropriate portions for your favorite foods, like steak, pasta, and even peanut butter.


Revolution: 1/3 Clothing Proportions & Pizza Portion-Size Tripled

The Revolution: Save Money, Reduce Waste

Learn how simple changes to your household routine can save you hundreds every year.

The Revolution: Wine Vs Liquor Serving Size

How much is a serving of alcohol? Did you know that the drink you get at a bar or restaurant might have several serving of alcohol in it? Learn the facts that can help you. Plus, do you know the difference between moderate and heavy drinking? Also, if you need help managing alcohol in your life, there are resources for you.


Revolution: Wine Vs Liquor Serving Size & Alcoholism Resources

The Revolution: Mercedes Ramirez Johnson Plane Crash Survivor

Imagine being in a plane crash. Now imagine losing both your parents in the crash, and being one of only four people to survive. That’s the amazing true story of Mercedes, who will be going through a five-month transformation this week on The Revolution. Learn about her remarkable story and find out why it’s so important to her that she take advantage of this opportunity to get her diet and weight under control. Plus, Mercedes opens up about her memories from the tragic 1995 plane crash that changed her life forever.

The Revolution: Plane Crash Survivor Mercedes Ramirez Johnson

The Revolution TV: Concentrated Household Cleanser

One woman is on a quest to get America to seriously think about its trash production. She started with one family, and the tips she shared with them could save you hundreds of dollars every year. Learn about Annie Leonard and her book and movie, The Story Of Stuff. Also, find out how one bottle of concentrated household cleaner can give you nearly 200 refills.

Revolution: Concentrated Household Cleaner & How To Reduce Trash


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