The Revolution TV Show Recap February 15 2012


The Revolution February 15 2012

The Revolution is looking back at Valentine’s Day with suggestions on how to do better next year. Here are some suggestions for buying better gifts, staying healthy, and getting out of debt. Click these links for more.

The Revolution: Romantic Gifts

Ty Pennington & The Revolution hosts shared advice on giving romantic gifts and managing relationships.


The Revolution: Valentine’s Day

Learn how to buy a better gift for the special lady in your life by avoiding common mistakes when it comes to romantic gestures. Ty has tips to avoid these classic mistakes.

The Revolution: How To Choose A Romantic Gift For Women

The Revolution: How To Do Kegel Exercises

Staying on top of your health can help you be ready for the intimate side of your relationship. Learn the benefits of doing Kegel Exercises and what to know about buying personal lubricants.


The Revolution: How To Do Kegel Exercises & Vaginal Dryness Prevention

The Revolution: Bachelor Jenna Burke Relationship Advice

Jenna Burke shared her experiences as a contestant on The Bachelor this season, and what it taught her about finding herself and the dating world.

The Revolution: Bachelor Jenna Burke Relationship Advice

The Revolution: Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Wedding Plans

Ashley Hebert found love last summer on The Bachelorette. She appeared to share her insights on finding romance through TV and what the future holds for her and her beau.

The Revolution: Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Wedding Plans

The Revolution: Breakfast Burrito Recipe

Skip the fast food drive thru and make yourself a healthy breakfast wrap to start your day off right. Making ingredients in advance can save you time in the morning. Also, Vivian Cheung weighs in after 90 days of her Revolution.

The Revolution: Skinny Southwest Wrap Recipe & Vivian Update

The Revolution: Credit Card Debt

Financial expert Michelle Singletary got real with Vivian and Matt, helping them take responsibility for their spending and plan for their financial future as a couple. She shared suggestions on how to get out of debt and come up with extra money to do it faster.

The Revolution: How To Cut Up Credit Card Debt & Find Extra Money


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