The Revolution TV Show Recap February 14 2012


The Revolution February 14 2012

Love was the topic of the day on The Revolution. See how it affected the relationships of everyone from Tim Gunn to Raven-Symone. Click the links below and read on.

Raven-Symone: Body Image

Looking & feeling good about your body starts on the inside, according to Raven-Symone.


The Revolution: Limerance & Teenage Relationships

Does age make a difference in a relationship? It does if you are a teen, according to the hosts. Teens are also susceptible to Limerance, which can be a powerful emotion. Also, learn about overcoming challenges in relationships.

The Revolution: Limerance, Teens & Age Difference In Relationships

The Revolution: Raven-Symone Diet

Actress Raven-Symone grew up in front of the camera on The Cosby Show and That’s So Raven. Now she is letting girls in on how she learned to love her body, and the myths the media perpetuates that are harmful to girls’ self-esteem.


The Revolution: Raven-Symone Weight & Body Image Advice For Girls

The Revolution: Harley’s Angel Fruit Tarts Recipe

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Harley Pasternak and Raven-Symone whipped up a healthy, romantic dessert you can make and enjoy guilt-free with your Valentine. Cut the calories and skip the junk to have this fresh, fruity dessert instead.

The Revolution: Harley’s Angel Fruit Tarts Recipe

The Revolution: Vivian Cheung Diet

Vivian Cheung had her 60 day weigh in and reflected on the challenges and temptations of a tropical vacation. Harley Pasternak cautioned her against overexertion in her exercise routines. Plus, how you can get a workout partner in on the action by doing Compound Couples Exercises.

The Revolution: Step Up & Twist Compound Exercise & Vivian Diet

The Revolution: How To Find A Budget Wedding Dress With Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn helped Vivian pick out her perfect wedding dress, and he did it for less than $500. Learn how you can save money on this important piece of your wedding puzzle with his easy tricks.

The Revolution: How To Find A Budget Wedding Dress With Tim Gunn

The Revolution: Tim Gunn Maternity Fashion

Tim Gunn revealed the results of makeovers on moms from the audience who have overcome challenges in their relationships. Learn how to focus on fashion during pregnancy and as a busy mother.

The Revolution: Tim Gunn Maternity & Busy Mom Fashion Makeover


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