The Revolution TV Show Recap February 10 2012


The Revolution February 10 2012

Jenny revealed her amazing transformation and The Revolution team shared health and parenting advice for all ages. Follow these links to get more info.

Revolution TV: Kids & Aquatic Exercise

Being active with your kids at the beach or pool is one way you can both get inspired to be healthy and stay in shape.


The Revolution: Thyroid Cancer Symptoms

Do you know where your Thyroid is located or what it does? Learn how it could have a major impact on your health and warning signs to watch for.

Revolution: Underactive Vs Overactive Thyroid & Cancer Symptoms

The Revolution: TLC Method

Talking to kids about bad news or serious health matters can be a difficult conversation. Get age appropriate advice on how to handle the discussion and what you can do to make your children feel comfortable.


The Revolution: TLC Method | How To Give Kids & Teens Bad News

The Revolution: Harley’s Healthy Margherita Pizza Recipe

One of America’s favorite foods is pizza, but those calories can really add up and pack on pounds. Learn a healthier, low calorie alternative that’s convenient to make in your kitchen, without even turning on the oven.

The Revolution: Harley’s Healthy Margherita Pizza Recipe

The Revolution: Home Gym Exercises

Making exercise easy and fun is key to establishing it as part of your daily routine. Here are some exercises you can do with or without special weights to get started on toning your muscles in your spare time throughout the week.

The Revolution: Dead Lift & Bicep Curl Home Gym Workout Exercises

The Revolution: Cancer Survivor Jenny Cahalan

Single mom and cancer survivor Jenny Cahalan has lost the most weight of anyone on The Revolution so far. Find out how she did it, and how much weight she lost in five months of diet and exercise that have transformed her life.

The Revolution: Cancer Survivor Jenny Weight Loss Diet Results

The Revolution: Jenny Cahalan’s Cancer Book

Jenny shared her secrets to success and words to inspire others to follow in her footsteps. Learn about the children’s book she wrote with her son and how working out with your kid can help you be successful.

The Revolution: Jenny Cancer Book, Kids Workout & Ice Cream Swap


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