The Revolution TV Recap January 25 2012


The Revolution January 25 2012

If you want to be more handy around the house, this episode is for you. Read about how you can make simple home repairs without hiring help. Also, what you need for an easy, affordable home gym. Click these links to learn more.

The Revolution: Mayonnaise Water Ring Removal

Making DIY repairs around the house like reupholstering chairs and fixing holes in drywall are easier than you think and saves money.


Twitter Happiness Study

The Revolution hosts explained how you can take the stress out of your morning by taking steps the night before. Learn how shoes affect your happiness, and find out how one study discovered we are less happy than we were three years ago.

The Revolution: Twitter Shows Happiness Declining & Red Towel Tip

The Revolution: Mayonnaise Water Ring Remover

We’ve all seen those unsightly water rings left behind from a drinking glass. But did you know you probably already have what you need to remove them in your house? It’s a painless process and there are suggestions for wax finish or lacquer finish tables.


The Revolution: How To Remove Water Rings From A Table

The Revolution TV: Home Gym Under $50

You don’t have to pay big bucks for a monthly gym membership or shell out for expensive home equipment. Set up a gym at home for less than the cost of a night out. Also, Sarah continues her weight loss journey and Ty Pennington challenges people to declutter their garages.

The Revolution: How To Build A Home Gym For Under $50

Ty Pennington: How To Reupholster A Chair

There are still more home repair tips you can learn. Find out how easy it can be to reupholster stained chair fabric or give your dining room a whole new fresh look. These simple steps only require a few common tools, and you can save big money on repairs.

The Revolution: How To Reupholster A Chair

How To Fix Drywall Holes & Strain Paint With Pantyhose

Doorknobs and excited kids are common causes of drywall holes. But it’s easy to patch them with a little care and preparation. Learn how to take care of them yourself and save hundreds. Plus, a great tip for using leftover paint in your projects.

Revolution: How To Fix Drywall Holes & Pantyhose Paint Strainer


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