The Revolution TV Recap: January 23 2012


The Revolution TV Recap: January 23, 2012

The Revolution kicked off its second week by profiling a new candidate for a five-month total makeover. The show introduced Sarah and her struggles. Also, the hosts offered a variety of suggestions and information about Muffin Tops, and how you can give your breakfast a healthy makeover.

The Revolution: Muffin Top Rescue

Learn how to cover up your Muffin Top, Cereal Swaps, and Exercises For Your Waist.


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Revolution TV: Muffin Top Fashions & Toning Exercises

Tim Gunn shared ways you can dress to disguise your Muffin Top, so you don’t have to fear the bulge. Harley Pasternak had three simple exercises you can do at home to work your midsection and melt away your Muffin Top. Also, Dr. Jennifer Ashton shared the science behind Muffin Tops and why they could be dangerous to your health.

Revolution: Muffin Top High Waist Shapewear & 90 Degree Crunch


Sarah’s Revolution Intervention: Cereal Addiction

Sarah is undergoing a five-month transformation. She wants to have more energy at work as a parole officer and set a better example at home for her young daughter. But she struggles with an addition to cereal, often snacking on it in the middle of the night. Later, Tim Gunn helped Sarah pick a goal outfit and explained what she can wear while she is transitioning between sizes.

The Revolution: Weight Loss Wrap Tops & Sarah’s Cereal Addiction

The Revolution Cereal Recipes: Muesli, Half & Half

You can enjoy breakfast cereal without the sugar and calories. Check out these great recipes to sweeten up your cereal with fruits, and cut the calories by making a few simple swaps. You can even get your kids to make healthier cereal choices, whether they like it or not.

The Revolution: Half & Half Cereal, Muesli Recipe & Cereal Swaps

Ty Pennington: Extreme Makeover Update & Points Of Light Charity Drive

Ty Pennington reconnects with a mom he met on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Now, she’s working to help others as a volunteer. And The Revolution wants viewers to get involved as they raise money for Points Of Light, a charity that helps connect volunteers with needy organizations in their areas.

The Revolution: Points Of Light Charity & Extreme Makeover Update


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