The Revolution Talk Show Recap: January 19 2012


The Revolution January 19, 2012

Today’s show explored why you should walk, what you can do about sweating, and even how to evaluate your finances before making a big purchase. Click the links below to see what happened on the program.

World’s Healthiest Countries & Walking Health Benefits

The Revolution: Walking Benefits & Sweating Solutions

Today's show featured health reasons you should walk & how to deal with sweat.


The world’s healthiest countries all have one thing in common: they walk a lot. Find out what’s so good for you about walking, plus learn how many steps per day you should be taking. You may find that you feel better, have more energy, and even drop pounds just from walking.

The Revolution: Healthiest Countries & WHO Walking Recommendation

The Revolution: Sweat-Free Clothes & Vodka Water Sweat Stain Remover

Your body needs to sweat, and you actually have sweat glands all over your entire body, but it’s not attractive when it stains your clothes. Don’t let sweat keep you from wearing the styles and clothes you enjoy. Let Tim Gunn share tips with you on how you can protect your clothes from sweat. Also, learn cheap at home remedies to remove sweat smell or sweat stains from your clothes.


Revolution: Paper Dress Shields & Vodka Water Sweat Stain Remover

The Revolution: Harley Pasternak Skater’s Lunge

The Harris Sisters are at the four-month mark in their Revolution, and Harley Pasternak showed them a new Skater’s Lunge exercise to build muscle in their legs. Also, find out what happened when these co-dependent sisters spent an entire week living apart. Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry explained why it’s important to maintain independence in your relationships with friends, family, and your spouse or partner.

Revolution: Harley Pasternak Skater’s Lunge Exercise & Me List

The Revolution: Michelle Singletary

Washington Post financial columnist Michelle Singletary is bringing her helpful advice to The Revolution. Find out the five questions you need to ask before making a major purchase. Then learn how much money you need to set aside in your Emergency Fund, and the difference between an Emergency Fund and a Life Happens Fund.

Revolution: Need Vs Want List | Emergency Fund & Life Happens Fund


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