The Revolution Recap January 18, 2012


The Revolution January 18, 2012

The Revolution called today “The Breast Show Ever,” and you can find out everything you need to know about your bra, and your breasts, by clicking the links below.

The Revolution: Miraclesuit Tank Review

The Revolution: The Right Bra For Your Breasts

Learn how to find a bra that fits, and what to watch for in your breasts as you age.


Most women probably aren’t wearing the right size bra, which can affect your posture and your health. Tim Gunn helps you learn how often you should get a bra fitting, and how to overcome common bra complaints.

Revolution: Miraclesuit Back Fat Tank, Sideboob & Bra Makeovers

The Revolution: Honey Nipple Remedy

Your breasts change as you age. Learn about what to expect and how to handle these changes through your 30s, 40s, and 50s. Plus, Dr. Jennifer Ashton on how to handle breast pain and what honey can do to keep your nipples healthy through the years.


The Revolution: Honey Nipple Remedy & Mastalgia Breast Pain

The Revolution Breast Workout

Non-surgical remedies won’t grow your bust. But you can use easy exercises to naturally raise your breastline, and you can do these exercises at home, without any special equipment. Find out how to strengthen your back and improve your posture with these Breast Friendly Exercises.

Revolution: Breast Exercises, Reverse Fly & Superman Exercise

Overhead Triceps Extension & Harris Sisters 90 Day Update

Learning to be independent from a close friend can be challenging, but Dr. Tiffany Davis Henry has some food for thought. Harley Pasternak has another exercise to help you break up your workout routine. The Harris Sisters are at the halfway point in their Revolution. Find out how they are progressing on their diet and fitness plan, plus their 90 day weigh-in.

Revolution: Overhead Triceps Extension & Lean Into Your Fears

Ty Pennington Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Ty Pennington spent nine years traveling the country to help build homes on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Now he’s ready to start a new chapter of his life, and he’s setting down roots in New York City to continue helping others on The Revolution. Follow his journey from the road to the Big Apple.

Revolution: Ty Pennington Extreme Home Makeover Behind The Scenes


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