The Revolution Recap January 17, 2012


The Revolution January 17, 2012

In the show’s second episode, The Revolution wants to help you look and feel 10 pounds lighter. Click the links in each section below to learn more about today’s segments.

Tim Gunn: Dress 10 Pounds Lighter

The Revolution: 10 Pounds Lighter You

Today's show has tips for looking and feeling 10 pounds lighter.


Tim Gunn’s Tim-Terventions are designed to help women break out of ruts and show off their figure with flattering, tasteful looks. Today, he’s telling you to swap the sweatpants for a comfortable, stylish alternative, and how to achieve layering by thinking of your body in three distinct zones.

The Revolution: Tim Gunn & How To Dress 10 Pounds Lighter

Harley Pasternak: Salad Bar Solutions

You’ve probably heard that some salads can be worse for you than fast food. Find out what ingredients make the calories add up, and which vegetables to pile on so you get full on the good stuff. Learn how to avoid temptations at the salad bar and make light, delicious salads at home.


The Revolution TV: Harley Pasternak: Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Salads

The Revolution Makeover

All week, The Revolution is following the journey of The Harris Sisters, as they spend five months working on their personal Revolution. The sisters shared what they have learned so far, and why they are motivated to make lasting changes in their lives. Today found them at the 60 day mark in their process, and they stepped on the scale to see how much they’ve lost. Plus, Ty Pennington redesigned their living room to inspire them and Harley Pasternak shared how they’re squeezing in extra workouts throughout the day.

Revolution TV: Commercial Break Workouts & Home Comfort Zone

How To Lose 10 Pounds From Your Purse

Who doesn’t want to lose 10 pounds? You may not realize how much clutter you’re carrying around in that big purse. Find out ways to literally take that weight off your shoulders, and tips to keep the clutter from creeping back into your handbag. Plus, Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains why you get bloated and how you can prevent that. And Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry shares her three step process for battling emotional eating, which affects 75% of people who overeat.

Revolution: Lighter Purses, Preventing Bloating & Emotional Eating


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