The Revolution Recap January 16, 2012


The Revolution January 16, 2012

The Revolution is a new daytime talk show that premiered today on ABC. Click the links below to read more about each of the day’s segments.

The Revolution: Tap Squats & Dressing For Your Body

The Revolution: Premiere Episode

ABC's The Revolution shared fashion tips and health advice in its debut broadcast.


The hosts introduced themselves and shared quick tips to get the audience off to a good start. Tim Gunn offered advice on how to dress for your body. Harley Pasternak showed an easy exercise you can do almost anywhere. Ty Pennington, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry also shared advice.

The Revolution: Tim Gunn Style Tips, Tap Squats & Vitamin D

The Revolution TV Show: How To Fix Scratched CDs With Peanut Butter

Ty Pennington shared simple tips you can try at home to repair your damaged DVDs, clean the rust off your bakeware, and get that sticky price tag residue off your purchases. The best part is, all the products used are common household items.


The Revolution: How To Fix Scratched DVDs & Rusted Cookware

The Revolution Talk Show: Hero Makeover Day One

Each week, The Revolution will follow women on a five-month journey to transform their lives. First up are the Harris Sisters, who want to break their bad eating habits and learn to be independent from one another. Harley Pasternak showed off an easy exercise he taught the sisters, that you can try with a friend.

The Revolution: Harris Sisters Makeover & Partner Leg Lifts

Tim Gunn: Stopping Co-Dependence & Choosing A Goal Outfit

The Harris Sisters talked to Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry about what is holding them back from pursuing romantic relationships. Tim Gunn helped the ladies choose their goal outfits, to be worn when their completed transformation is unveiled on a later show. Tim Gunn also shared how you can make the most of your body by dressing to highlight your best feature.

The Revolution: Co-Dependence, Saying No & Choosing A Goal Outfit

The Revolution: Talk Show Premiere Episode Review

A critical look at today’s inaugural broadcast talks about what sets the show apart from its competition, and how that could turn out to be a weakness.

The Revolution: Ty Pennington & Tim Gunn Talk Show Review


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