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The Revolution: Mercedes Ramirez Johnson

Yesterday, The Revolution introduced its makeover hero for this week, Mercedes Ramirez Johnson, who shared her Amazing Story Of Survival. She lived through a 1995 plane crash that killed both her parents. Wait, the crash was on her 21st birthday? That’s even more horrible, because every birthday, she has to remember that it’s the day she lost her parents.

Mercedes was unable to eat for three months after the crash, and after that she overindulged in food. Now she is a motivational speaker, and she wants to walk the talk and take control of her eating and exercise habits. She worked with Harley Pasternak to build an exercise routine that compensates for her physical scars and injuries.


The Revolution: No Excuses Workout

Harley Pasternak said Mercedes is a good example of someone who won't let excuses get in the way of her workout goals.

The Revolution Weight Loss: Mercedes

Mercedes said her commitment has transformed her lifestyle, and she’s pleased with the weight loss results she is seeing after just two months. She’s given up cheeseburgers and can now run two miles straight. She is amazed at what she’s already accomplished. “I’m off and running, and I know there’s no looking back,” Mercedes said.

Harley Pasternak: No Excuses

It’s easy to come up with excuses when it comes to diet and exercise. Cutting corners, taking shortcuts, or giving yourself an out may feel good at the time, but it keeps you from your goals. “With any client I’ve ever had, those that have no excuses, they get the most results,” Harley said, “and we definitely see that with Mercedes.”


The Revolution: Knee Pain Q Angle

Mercedes said she feels like she has Old Lady Knees, which could be due to multiple reasons. They include wear and tear, her injuries, and even her gender. Harley explained that anatomy is a factor, because women have wider hips than men, creating what’s called a Q Angle.

The Q Angle is formed by the distance between the hip and the knee. Wider hips create a larger Q Angle, and that adds stress to the knees. That’s why women’s knees tend to be more vulnerable, as a generalization.

Harley measured Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry’s Q Angle using two rulers, after qualifying that there’s nothing wrong with women having hips, because it’s biology.

The Revolution: Adductor Weak Knee Exercise

Strengthening the Adductor Muscles of the Inner Thigh can strengthen your knee to help prevent injuries. Harley said you can put a resistance band around your ankle, tie it to a door, and draw your legs together. A diet containing Fish Oils can also alleviate joint pain.

Mercedes: 60 Day Weigh In

Mercedes has a daily routine at the gym, including 30 minutes each on the elliptical, stair step machine and inclined treadmill, burning over 1,200 calories daily. She said harder exercises are getting progressively easier.

She started her Revolution at 210 pounds. Now, after two months, she weighs 190, for a total weight loss so far of 20 pounds. She said if she could find the time and energy to do this, anybody can.


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