The Revolution: Post-Baby Body Workout & Jewel Children’s Music


The Revolution: Post-Baby Exercises

Harley Pasternak said he worked with Jennifer Hudson to help her get back in shape following her pregnancy. Now he’s working with special guest Jewel on some post-baby body exercises.

Women tend to gain an average of 30 pounds over the course of a pregnancy, but Harley said that gain can add up to as much as 40 or 60 extra pounds. Jewel said she put on 40 pounds while pregnant.


The Revolution: Baby Workout

You can work out and bond with your baby at the same time.

The Revolution: Pregnancy & Posture

Harley praised Jewel’s posture, saying it’s important as you breastfeed and learn to carry your baby around, because weight changes can cause you to stoop or lean forward which can cause you to develop bad habits.

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The Revolution: Jewel Cesarean Section

Jewel had a Cesarean section delivery and took about seven weeks to get back to her fitness routines after her son was born. Read more about Jewel’s Infertility Struggle.

You should check in with your doctor before resuming serious exercise following a pregnancy. Read about Jewel’s Recommended Supplements.

The Revolution: Baby Walk Squat

Harley showed exercises you can do at home with your baby. If you don’t have a baby handy, you can use a jug of water, vegetables, or medicine ball. Harley said to hold your baby in front of you, making eye contact. Take a step, then squat, to tone your thighs and butt.

The Revolution: Baby Bench Press

Lie on your back on the floor. Gently press your baby up, then back down toward your chest. Harley warned that you should burp your baby before doing this routine. This exercise works your arms, chest, and shoulders. Harley recommended about 10 playful repetitions, to keep it fun for the baby.

Jewel’s Children’s CD “The Merry Goes ‘Round” Review

New mom Jewel has turned her songwriting talents toward entertaining children. She wrote an album of songs for parents and kids to listen to together.

It is called The Merry Goes ‘Round, and it’s part of a new trend of bands putting out kid-friendly music. It also marks Jewel’s 11th studio album, so she has definitely kept busy since rising to fame in the 1990s. You can click here to purchase The Merry Goes ‘Round.


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