The Revolution: Laila Ali Boxing Blast Workout


The Revolution Me List: Fighting Spirit

One of the Me List Goals Mercedes hopes to accomplish during her revolution is Reconnecting with her inner fighter. Her father was a wrestler and her uncle was a boxer, so it’s in her blood. To help Mercedes with this goal, The Revolution host Ty Pennington welcomed a special guest.

The Revolution: Laila Ali

World champion boxer Laila Ali shared her training moves and gave inspiration to plane crash survivor Mercedes. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /


Laila Ali: World Champion Boxer

Laila Ali is the daughter of Muhammad Ali, and she is a boxing legend in her own right. She is now a mother of two, and she said she had to deal with 25 pounds of baby weight after giving birth to her second child last year.

Laila challenged her Facebook friends to lose weight with her. She held a contest with 300 participants, and she managed to get the weight off.

The Revolution Boxing Workout

Laila spoke about her affection for her father, calling him “one of the greatest men in the world,” who set a great example for her. She sets the bar high for herself and maintains her personal values. The downside was growing up in the public eye, but Laila said the good outweighed the bad.


Laila Ali & Mercedes: Boxing Training

Laila said boxing is physical and emotional, and she was happy to train Mercedes to help her achieve her goal. She said it is a great way to deal with obstacles in your life and release aggressive energy.

Mercedes opened up about where she found strength, and the importance of the values her parents instilled in her. “Nothing’s put on you that you can’t handle,” Laila said.

Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Disease

Mercedes shared her memories of watching boxing with her father. Laila said her father would get a kick out of knowing his daughter was training with Muhammad Ali’s daughter.

Laila said Muhammad Ali is now struggling with Parkinson’s Disease, and her conversation with Mercedes made her appreciate the time she still has with him. Laila said Mercedes inspires her.

Mercedes said her training with Laila encouraged her to face her challenges in the months to come as she works toward her Revolution goals.

The Revolution: Boxing Blast Workout

Laila has retired from boxing, but now she is focused on fitness. Ty asked her to show off some boxing exercise moves you can do without the ring.

Laila kicked her heels off and spoke about doing her boxing moves at home without any equipment. The audience got up out of their seats to follow along.

Jab & Squat

The first move is Jab & Squat. With arms raised in fighting stance, you jab with each arm, then dip to the side and dip back to your starting position.

Invisible Speed Bag

Raise your arms over your head and punch the invisible bag repeatedly.

The Revolution: No Rope Jump Rope

You can simulate jumping rope without having to use the rope. Just jump while flicking your wrists as if using the rope. Jumping rope burns 750 calories per hour. Read more about Jump Rope Workouts.

Laila said alternating these exercises for 30 minutes and adding in some abdominal exercises will give you a full body, calorie burning workout.


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