The Revolution: Honey Nipple Remedy & Mastalgia Breast Pain


Dr. Jennifer Ashton: Breast Tissue Density

The 30s, 40s, and 50s are big ages for every woman and her breasts. But women often don’t know about their breasts and what’s normal for their age.

In your 30s, your breasts will have firm, dense breast tissue. If you had a mammogram at this early age, it could be difficult to read because of the tissue density. It is important to do self-exams for breast lumps monthly.


The Revolution: Honey Nipple Remedy

Find out how honey can keep your nipples healthy as you age.

The Revolution: Breast Lumps

Julie is Dr. Jennifer Ashton’s patient. She is in her 30s and noticed changes in her breasts after childbirth. She wondered how much she needs to worry about lumps.

Dr. Ashton said that 80% of breast lumps turn out not to be cancerous. But lumps are still cause for concern, and reporting breast changes to your doctor is the first step in finding out what’s going on with your body.


Mastalgia: Nursing Bra For Breast Pain

Amanda is in her 40s, which Dr. Jennifer Ashton called the Cleavage Decade. An average 40 year old breast starts to be less dense and more fatty. But changes vary from woman to woman. Larger breasts can be harder to examine. At age 40, start having yearly mammograms.

Amanda had a child last year, and since then she’s noticed occasional breast pain. Dr. Jennifer Ashton said that Mastalgia, or breast pain, is common on the outside of the breast, usually two weeks before your period. She said this is hormonal and probably not cause for concern.

Ibuprofen can help alleviate pain. Cutting back on Caffeine before your period can also help. You can also try wearing a Nursing Bra from a maternity store to alleviate breast pain.

The Revolution: Honey Dry Nipple Cure

Faye is in her 50s, but she definitely doesn’t look it. She said her breasts get tired, and Dr. Ashton explained that her breasts are more fatty and less dense. Lumps are a greater cause for concern as you age, and weight gain after menopause also increases your breast cancer risk.

Faye said she is concerned about her nipple, because she’s noticed color change and dryness. Dr. Ashton explained that dry or irritated nipples are normal as you age. Honey can be a great anti-irritant and anti-bacterial for your nipples. Lanolin Oil is also good for moisturizing your nipples.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton: Lifelong Breast Health Tips

Limiting alcohol intake to one drink a day is good for your breasts. Taking Vitamin D3 daily can also promote breast health, along with exercise. Breast feeding your babies is good for them as well as you.


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