The Revolution: Harris Sisters Weight Loss Diet Results


The Revolution: Harris Sisters Journey

All week, the Harris Sisters, Jamilla and Cherrell, have been going through a five-month life transformation with help from The Revolution team. Today, they will reveal their health and fitness results after five months of hard work.

Over the course of this week, The Harris Sisters Shared Their Lifelong Weight Struggles and Tim Gunn Picked Out Goal Outfits For The Harris Sisters.


Ty Pennington Gave The Harris Sisters A Living Room Makeover and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry Taught Facing Your Fears to the sisters and the audience. For the first time in their lives, The Harris Sisters Spent A Week Living Apart.

The Revolution: Harris Sisters Diet Results

The Harris Sisters each lost more than 10 pounds per month during their Revolution.

Harris Sisters Weight Loss Results

Cherrell’s starting weight was 236 pounds. Jamilla weighed in at 246 pounds when their Revolution began five months ago. The sisters revealed their dramatic transformation, wearing Tim Gunn’s Goal Outfits.


The sisters stepped on the big scale to find out how much they’d lost since starting The Revolution. Cherrell’s new weight is 179 pounds, which means she’s lost 57 pounds in five months. That’s more than 10 pounds per month.

Cherrell & Jamilla Harris

Jamilla took her turn on the scale and found out she now weighs 194 pounds, a total loss of 52 pounds. That is a combined total weight loss of 109 pounds, which is definitely an accomplishment, especially since they did it through diet and exercise, not tricks or surgeries.

The Revolution Harris Sisters Triumphs

Cherrell said her biggest triumph was going out for a Girls Night With Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry. It was the first time she’d gone out on her own, without her sister. Dr. Tiffanie said she was proud of Cherrell for pushing herself outside her comfort zone.

Jamilla said her biggest success was overcoming excuses that stood in the way of her life changes. “I’d just rather have a healthy heart than healthy hair,” she said.

Revolution TV: Harris Sisters Setbacks

The Harris Sisters said the holidays were full of temptations, and getting up at 4:30 a.m. to work out every day was a big challenge. Ty Pennington welcomed Marlies, the third Harris Sister, who has witnessed the transformation during the past five months.

“They have definitely motivated our entire family, especially with our dad’s diabetes scare,” Marlies said.

The Revolution: Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Dr. Jennifer Ashton said that The Sisters’ bodies have changed inside as well. Their lower blood pressure and cholesterol also puts them at a lower risk for Type 2 Diabetes, which runs in their family.

They said working out was hard, but it got easier each day. “We felt so much better after we did our workouts,” Cherrell said.

The Revolution Weight Loss Advice

Ty Pennington asked The Harris Sisters for advice they’d give to other people who want to change their health and fitness routines.

“Don’t make any excuses. Just get up and do it,” Jamilla said.

The Revolution Me List Goals: Skydiving

The Me List is a list of personal goals you want to achieve to improve your life. The Harris Sisters set goals for their Revolution, including Putting Yourself First, Learning Independence, and finally, Doing Something Weight & Size Has Kept Them From Doing.

Jamilla had the opportunity to accomplish that final goal in an exciting and dramatic way. She has wanted to go skydiving for years, but the maximum weight was 240. Now that she has lost weight, she is ready to jump out of a plane.

Jamilla Harris: Skydiving

Jamilla took a plane ride and jumped from 12,000 feet with an instructor strapped to her back. She pulled the parachute cord and had a range of emotions during her skydiving experience.

“I’m amazed that I actually did it, and it felt so good. I can fly,” Jamilla said. Jamilla’s Me List is now complete. “Now I feel like I can do anything,” she said.



  1. Susan Kuhlmeier says

    I am so very proud of the Harris sisters, I have started my quest – problems already to do a daily routine. But tomorrow is another day. Thanks for this show and the Harris sisters great outlook on life and personality that shines. Bless you both.

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