Revolution: Breast Exercises, Reverse Fly & Superman Exercise


Harley Pasternak: Breast Exercises

After you Find The Perfect Bra Solution and Evaluate Your Breast Health, many women want to know what they can do to get bigger breasts. Devices, creams, and pills can’t actually increase your bust. That’s why breast augmentation is such a popular surgery. Women spent $1.5 billion on elective breast surgery in 2010.

There’s also no magic exercise to increase breast size, according to fitness expert Harley Pasternak. Push-Ups will actually cause saggy breasts. But Harley has three exercises designed to push you breasts higher.

The Revolution Breast Exercises

Doing push-ups can actually cause your breasts to sag. Find exercises to boost your bust.


The Revolution: Reverse Fly Exercise

The Reverse Fly works on the muscles between the shoulder blades. Harley said you don’t need any equipment. “Just stand, hinge at your hips, with your upper body parallel to the floor, your palms facing each other,” he said. Pull your shoulder blades toward and away from each other. Add weight or do more reps to increase difficulty.

Back & Breast Exercises: Triceps Extensions

Use dumbbells to open and roll your shoulders through Triceps Extensions. Lie on your back and extend your arms, with weights in each hand. Bend at the elbow, bringing the weight up and down, strengthening your shoulders and raising your chest. You can even use water bottles or soup cans in place of dumbbells, making this another easy exercise to do at home, without any fancy equipment.

The Revolution: Superman Lower Back Exercise

This exercise works your lower back, pulling the upper body back into alignment. Lie on your stomach, lifting your chest, arms, and legs, like Superman would if he were flying through the air. This will help improve your posture.


Harley Pasternak recommending trying each of these exercises. He suggests 15-20 reps of each exercise, three times a week. He guaranteed Chest Enhancing results.

For more breast exercises, read about Exercises For Perkier Breasts.


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