The Revolution: Winter Fashion Show | Winter Whites & Textures


The Revolution: Fashion Show

Tim Gunn said it can be hard to find the right outfit for winter months. “But that is no excuse for choosing drab, colorless, shapeless outfits,” he said.

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said she just moved to New York City from Atlanta, and she doesn’t know how to dress for winter. Tim introduced the first model to show off his first style solution.


Tim Gunn: Winter Fashion Show

Wearing white and faux fur textures are effective ways to mix up your winter wardrobe.

Revolution TV: Winter Whites

Tim said you can ignore the old mantra that you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day. All white is a hard look to pull off, but you can break up white with other colors. He also suggested Wearing Skinny Jeans with a looser sweater or top to balance the look. Wearing White in Winter is all about balance.

Tim Gunn: Warm Textures

Model Amber showed off a layered outfit featuring a variety of materials. Mixing textures can create warm outfits that are still stylish. Tim explained that the model was wearing a fitted sweater under a Faux Fur Vest, giving her “an edgy look that’s also warm.” He said darker colors will make you appear taller. Plus, metallic jeans can bring some sparkle to your daily wardrobe.


The Revolution: Matching Tones

Tim said matching your colors is back in style. He said you shouldn’t be afraid to wear tops, bottoms, or coats that match. He recommended gold or bright colors that will make you smile. Blue is a great color, and Christine’s matching tights and jacket make a bold statement while framing her body.

Tim Gunn was happy to share his winter wardrobe fashion solutions to help Dr. Jennifer, Dr. Tiffanie, and the audience. I was happy for the models to get backstage, away from the hot lights, and out of those layers.

If the New York winter has been as mild as the Midwestern winter, fewer layers are probably better. But we never know when snow is just around the corner.


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