The Revolution: Tim Gunn Silhouette, Proportion & Fit Principles


Tim Gunn’s Magic Closet: Vivian Cheung

Vivian has lost 14 pounds in the first month of her Revolution. Now Tim Gunn is helping her pick out a goal outfit she will wear when she returns to the show on Friday to show the results of her five-month transformation.

Tim said his closet is full of beautiful, affordable fashions from Macy’s. Vivian was amazed at what was inside.


The Revolution: Tim Gunn Fashion Principles

Tim Gunn shared his fashion principles you can use to find the right outfit for your body.

Tim Gunn: Vivian Goal Outfit

Tim asked Vivian about her personal style. She called it relaxed, saying she wears cottons to cover up her weight. Tim said that is a common woe for women, but there are ways to play up your positives while camouflaging your negatives.

He said there are three principles that women should consider in putting together their outfits: silhouette, proportion, and fit. He said they are somewhat intangible, but balancing them can really make you look your best.


Tim’s Fashion Principles: Silhouette

Think about your body type and look at yourself in the mirror to get an idea of how an outfit accentuates your Silhouette.

Tim’s Fashion Principles: Proportion

Tim said it is important to think about the proportions of your body. Consider the length of your waist, breadth of shoulders, or width of hips. He said women are built differently.

Tim’s Fashion Principles: Fit

Tim said that you want your clothes to fit you, so they look appropriate for your frame and size.

He said that Vivian was doing a great job of exemplifying his rule of thirds. Read more about Tim’s ⅓ Rule.

You don’t want to cut yourself in half, because it can create unflattering looks you won’t feel good about.

Vivian’s Goal Outfit

Tim said he considered Vivian’s upcoming wedding and other life events in putting together a goal outfit for Vivian. For her, he selected a flowing sleeveless red dress.

The ruch and draping of this dress are intended to streamline Vivian’s silhouette, while the draping will create visual drama.

Vivian was intimidated by the dress, and doesn’t like to go sleeveless because of “jiggling.” Tim said she has four months to fit into the dress, and the audience thinks she can do it.

Tim Gunn: Vivian Cheung’s Wedding Dress

Tim completed the look with shoes and a faux fir, because animal prints can compliment a solid dress. He also said he would take Vivian shopping for her wedding dress.


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