The Revolution: Tim Gunn & How To Dress 10 Pounds Lighter


The Revolution: How To Dress 10 Pounds Thinner

Today’s Tim-Tervention is all about looking 10 pounds lighter. Fashion expert Tim Gunn of Project Runway wants to help women look and feel better about themselves. He said that women want two things from their wardrobe: “They want to look longer, and they want to look leaner,” he said. “Your clothes are your friends.”

Tim Gunn said there are three steps to choosing clothes that will make you look more slender. First, avoid excess volume. Clothing that has too much fabric makes you appear larger than you are, not smaller.


Tim Gunn: Sweatpants & Pajama Alternatives

Tim Gunn wants women to swap their sweats and PJs for more flattering attire.

Tim Gunn: Slimming Sweatpants Alternatives

Tim Gunn introduced a wife and mother who wears sweatpants and pajamas. He said this adds 15 pounds to your look. He suggested some comfortable, fashionable alternatives. He chose a tunic top and belted it to give the woman more shape. She agreed that it was an easy look to put together.

The Revolution: Avoid Crew Necks

Crew necklines make you look boxy, especially if you are busty. Kathy only wears crew necklines, which Tim Gunn says desexualizes her. To improve her look, he chose a V neck dress that broadened her shoulders and made her look taller and younger. She said she felt younger and better with this look.


Tim Gunn Tim-Tervention: Stop Over-Layering

Audience member Bridget likes to layer, but Tim Gunn explained that it is easy to wear too many layers. She is a mother who likes to be comfortable, and Tim Gunn wants to help her be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Bridget underwent a total makeover during the course of today’s show.

Bridget’s head to toe makeover was revealed, and Tim Gunn explained the dramatic changes in her appearance. He suggests dividing your body into thirds: from your shoulders to waist, waist to knees, and knees to toes. This can lead to risk-free, organized layers that work for your shape.


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