The Revolution: Shop Your Closet | How To Remove Basting Stitches


The Revolution: Hidden Closet Treasures

Josette is a busy mom living in New York City, where closet space is sparse and time is at a premium. She wanted to look great without spending a fortune on a new wardrobe. After teaching Josette How To Organize Your Closet, Tim Gunn showed her how to take advantage of the clothes she already owns to create stylish new looks. These easy ideas can work for you too.

The Revolution: Sheer Tops

Layering a Camisole under your Sheer Top can help you look sexy without sacrificing modesty.


Tim Gunn: How To Remove A Basting Stitch

Tim found a jacket Josette admitted she had only worn once before. He used that as the basis for a new outfit. But the jacket had a Basting Stitch on the back, which Tim said is a no-no.

These stitches tie down the vent in the back of the jacket, but Tim said you’ll want to remove that before wearing it. This will improve the fit of the jacket, letting it conform to your natural shape, and the stitch should be easy to remove just by gently pulling on it.

The Revolution: Raise Skirt Hems

Tim also found and updated an existing skirt in Josette’s wardrobe by taking two inches off the hem. He said tailoring your clothes to your size can help freshen up your look. Josette said she doesn’t have time to do the work herself. Tim said it’s easy to have your dry cleaner alter your clothes.


The Revolution: Reinventing ‘70s Styles

Tim also put together a Velvet Jacket and Flared Jeans to create the retro ‘70s look he said is in right now. Adding a jacket can make jeans seem more dressy.

How To Wear Sheer Tops

Josette has Sheer Tops in her wardrobe, but she hasn’t been confident in how to wear them well. Tim Gunn recommended wearing a Camisole with your Sheer Top to look sexy but not vulgar.

These are just a few ways you can Shop Your Closet to find fashions you forgot you had or create a whole new look for yourself. Getting all your outfits organized can be a great first step to putting together great new looks. Read about How To Organize Your Closet.


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