The Revolution: Red Clothes Chin Test & Macy’s Red Dress Fundraiser


The Revolution: How To Wear Red Clothes

For National Wear Red Day, Tim Gunn said that “red is a sexy, bold, and powerful color.” But women often complain that they can’t wear red. He said the trick is finding the right shade for you out of hundreds of red options.

The Revolution: Wear Red

Learn how to choose the right shades of red to go with your skin tone.


Tim Gunn: Red Clothes

Monica is a mother of two who’s scared of the color red. She wore it when she was single, but now she is not as confident about wearing it. Tim Gunn suggests using accessories and shoes to experiment with vibrant colors.

Monica has fair skin, so Tim also recommended shades of red that contain blue. Blue adds darkness and richness to the color, such as in rubies or wine.

The Revolution: Tim Gunn Chin Test

You can experiment with garments in the store using the Chin Test. Hold an article of clothing up to your chin. If it’s dull or washes you out, choose something else.


Tim Gunn’s Red Socks

Even Tim Gunn was wearing red socks (and a tie with red accents in it) in honor of National Red Day! So when he heard that Melanie wears black daily, he put her in a fun red dress. Melanie said she thinks of black as professional, and black is good for any occasion. You can add a little red dress to your wardrobe as a colorful alternative to the classic little black dress.
Tim Gunn said if you have dark skin, you can wear any shade of red.

Olive Skin & Red Shades

Lainie loves bright colors but tends to avoid red. She said red reminded her too much of the holidays. Tim chose an orange red for her, because shades like coral are best for olive complexion.

The Revolution: Macy’s Red Dress Fundraiser

Macy’s is doing a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. Dresses by Ink, Alfani, and others are available in Macy’s stores and online at Through February 25th, Macy’s will donate 10% of the purchase of selected red dresses to the American Heart Association. This is a good opportunity to try out the chin test.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton also said Macy’s is giving customers 20% off on selected products just for wearing red to the store, through February 5, 2012.

Stores are also offering a $2 red dress pin, because all sales of pins benefit the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women campaign.



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