The Revolution: Fashion Print Squint Test | Mixing Brown & Black


Tim Gunn: Breaking Fashion Rules

Tim Gunn said he breaks fashion rules by mixing a variety of patterns. “When it comes to those rules we grew up with…toss them out the window,” he said.

Ty Pennington said he was a born rule breaker. Tim Gunn said the show is debunking rules and embracing the power of opposites.


The Revolution: Mixing Wardrobe Seasons

Don't pack your summer clothes away. Mix them with winter pieces to create new layered looks.

Revolution TV: Seasons & Wardrobe

Alexandra, a 43-year-old woman, complains that she doesn’t have the budget to update her wardrobe each season. Tim Gunn said most people don’t, but you can mix items from a variety of seasons to create fresh looks

Broken Rule: Don’t Mix Seasonal Items

Tim Gunn said you shouldn’t pack away seasonal clothes. He had Alexandra in a spring/summer chiffon dress, paired with a sweater and faux fur collar. Adding tights and a sweater can make your summer dress winter appropriate.


Alexandra never would’ve blended her clothes on her own. “I think it works well,” she said. Tim pointed out this increases her wardrobe possibilities and versatility.

Revolution TV: Winter & Layers

Dr. Jennifer Ashton complained that it’s very cold outside in winter, but then you are too warm once you go inside. She said Tim’s suggestions for Alexandra make it easy to add or remove layers throughout your day.

Tim Gunn: You Can Mix Brown & Black

Tracy is 38, and she is an avid believer in not mixing brown with black. Tim said you can break this rule and look sophisticated by choosing a chocolate brown, and wearing a single brown item with a black outfit.

“You don’t want to use tan or khaki because they’ll just wash out with the black,” Tim said.

Dr. Jennifer added that navy blue can also accent a black outfit.

Tim Gunn: You Can Mix Prints

Tara is 26, and she’s always been afraid to mix prints, because they might clash. Tim said the trick is to choose prints of different sizes.

Squint Test For Mixing Prints

Tim said you should check your patterns by squinting to look at them together. If they seem to blend into one piece, they won’t work well together. But if they are still distinctly separate, they could be a great match.

Tim added that if you’re starting out with mixing patterns, you can stick to patterns with similar colors. As you get more confidence in matching patterns, get more ambitious about mixing colors.

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said accenting a matching outfit with a bold belt can also make a splash.


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