The Revolution: Fashion Don’ts: Cargo Capris, Crocs & Crop Tops


Tim Gunn: Pink Crocs

Tim Gunn kicked off today’s show with a fashion faux pas: Pink Crocs. Tim said he was wearing a men’s size 11 Croc, which he called a major crime against fashion that he’ll be combating in today’s fashion segment.

Ty Pennington said his Twitter followers said their biggest fashion beef is people who wear their jeans too low, exposing their butts.


Tim Gunn: Fashion Don'ts

If you have acid wash denim or leg warmers lurking in your closet, Tim Gunn said it's time to toss them.

Tim Gunn: Fashion Cycle

Tim Gunn said there is such a thing as a Fashion Cycle, but there is a myth that anything in your closet will come back in style. He shared a list of some fashion trends he hopes will never come back in style.

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The Revolution: Bad Fashion Trends

The show called them Perforated Rubber Shoes, and Tim said they topped his list of terrible fashions.

The Revolution: Cargo Capri Pants

Tim Gunn explained that he hates Cargo Capri Pants, which he believes are popular because you only have to fit them in the waist, because you’re not worrying about length. Cargo pockets make your legs look wider and shorter.

Tim added that cargo pants were invented for military use, not high fashion. Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry made a failed attempt to defend this clothing choice.

The Revolution: Hammer Pants

Remember MC Hammer and his crazy pants? “Just because an entertainer wears it doesn’t mean that you should,” Tim said.

The biggest problem with Hammer Pants is the Dropped Crotch, which could make you look like you’re wearing a diaper.

Harley Pasternak said he wore those baggy pants as a trainer in the 1990s. Tim’s model said she used to like these pants until Tim set her straight.

The Revolution: Crop Top

Tim Gunn said even if you have a good figure, you shouldn’t wear Crop Tops anywhere except the beach. Dr. Tiffanie said spillage and unattractive skin exposure turn her off when she sees people wearing Crop Tops.

The Revolution: Acid Wash Denim

A model showed off her glittering Acid Wash Denim Skirt with giant door knocker earrings for an ‘80s look that is unfortunately coming back into style. Tim said we should not be nostalgic for this look.

Tim said the bleach used to make acid wash clothing looks terrible and weakens the garment, causing rips and tears, which limits the occasions and settings in which you can wear things like this.

Tim said when bad fashions take hold, people don’t recognize that they are terrible because so many people are wearing them. This, from a man who recently defended Skinny Jeans.

The Revolution: Leg Warmers

This is another ‘80s throwback, and Dr. Tiffanie was very vocal about her love for Leg Warmers. She wears them with boots because it’s cold in New York. Model Lisa said her Leg Warmers reminded her of grade school

Tim said they’re fine for working out, but not for everyday casual wear. They are also OK with tall boots, but he recommends pants instead of Leg Warmers in other instances.

Ty Pennington said some Japanese fashions pair Leg Warmers with high heels, another idea Tim Gunn took issue with.

Eco Friendly Solutions For Bad Fashions

You can use atrocious fashions around the house as rags or even pot holders. That way you get some use out of them without having to toss them in the trash. Learn more about Eco Friendly Household Solutions.


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