Revolution: Paper Dress Shields & Vodka Water Sweat Stain Remover


Dr. Jennifer Ashton: Vodka Sweat Stain Remover

Our bodies need to sweat, but sometimes perspiration can be embarrassing. Dogs can’t sweat, so they pant instead. Humans have sweat glands all over the body.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton said it’s similar to boiling water. When your body overheats, that heat needs to go somewhere. Sweat has a variety of causes, from weather to exercise to emotions, hormones, and even medical side effects.


The Revolution Sweat Stains

Stinky sweat & stains don't have to affect your wardrobe. Find fashion solutions for sweating.

The moisture that collects on a pot lid is similar to what’s going on in our bodies when we sweat. That extreme water loss is also why it’s important to stay hydrated, especially when you sweat.

Why Does Sweat Smell?

The brain tells sweat glands that the body needs to cool down. Sweat glands excrete moisture to maintain your body temperature. But sweat doesn’t actually smell.


Instead, Bacteria Covering Your Skin Causes Sweating. Over the counter antiperspirants work well to alleviate this, and they can be used on any part of the body that sweats. They are not limited just to the underarm.

The Revolution: Aspirin & Vodka Sweat Stain Remover

If your clothes are hanging on to a sweaty smell, there is something you can do. Use a spray bottle with a mix of half water, half vodka. Spray it on your clothes to treat the smell. Alcohol kills the bacteria that cause the smell, and it won’t damage your clothes.

You can also remove the unsightly sweat stains from your clothes using a mixture of crushed aspirin and hot water.

Tim Gunn: Dress Shields & Wicking Sweat-Proof Clothing

Tim Gunn said, “You don’t have to sacrifice fashion because of sweating.” He showed an outfit of loosely woven natural fibers, allowing air to circulate and let her sweat evaporate. He suggests avoiding manmade fibers and tight clothing, which can make you sweat more.

Washable dress shields can prevent sweat stains in your dress clothes. They’re washable and reusable. You can also find paper dress shields that can be custom fit to outfits like dresses.

You can also find wicking sweat-proof clothing at online stores that sell clothes just to help you manage your sweating.


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