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The Revolution: Tim Gunn’s Postpartum Fashion Show

Everyone knows that there are a variety of maternity clothing styles and options available for pregnant women. But what do you wear after you’ve had the baby, as you’re settling into a new routine as a mom and still working on losing your baby weight?

Jewel said pregnancy changes your body, which means that some of your old favorite outfits aren’t going to work out for you anymore. Thankfully, Tim Gunn is the man with a fashion solution for any situation or problem, and he announced a New Mom Fashion Show to offer suggestions that can help new or expectant mothers plan a functional, fashionable wardrobe.


Tim Gunn: Postpartum Wardrobe

It's easy to find maternity clothes during pregnancy, but do you know how to be stylish after the baby is born?

The Revolution New Mom Fashions: High Rise Jeans

Jessica’s daughter was born nine months ago. She wants to hide the spare tire that she gained during her pregnancy. Tim Gunn dressed her in High Rise Jeans, which contain the midsection. Learn more about Compression Garment Solutions.

Dark Denim is also slimming. Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said that High Rise Jeans don’t have to mean dreaded Mom Jeans.


The Revolution: Easy Access Tops

Julie is a mother of three with a five-month-old baby. She is still nursing and needs suitable work attire. Tim Gunn recommended easy access tops button down or zip tops. Flowing fabrics are comfortable, and stretch fabric changes with your body.

Jewel said her chest size tends to fluctuate during breastfeeding, and she recommended wearing a scarf to cover up excess cleavage. Julie said her outfit looks professional and is convenient for her needs. Read more about Fashions That Flatter Your Figure.

New Mom Fashions: Jersey Dresses

Joann has an 11-month-old son, and she is upset with her saddlebacks, which she couldn’t figure out a way to hide. Tim Gunn put her in a Jersey Dress which is easy and stylish while hiding her baby weight. This type of dress shows off curves without accentuating flaws.

Tim Gunn also suggested a weekend look, matching a sweater or jacket with your dress and Fashionable Flats for a casual alternative. Read more about choosing Fabulous, Fashionable Flats.


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