Revolution: Miraclesuit Back Fat Tank, Sideboob & Bra Makeovers


The Revolution: Average Breast Size 36DD

Audience members brought in their oldest bras that need to be thrown out. Dr. Jennifer Ashton said the average woman owns 27 bras, but only wears two regularly. She said the average bust size has changed over the last 30 years, going from a 34B to a 36DD.

Barbara said she’s tossing a bra that doesn’t fit her anymore because she’s lost weight. Tim Gunn said that when your body size changes, your bust size changes along with it. He recommends getting a Bra Fitting to help you find the correct size. Wearing the right size bra can improve your posture, confidence, and self esteem.


The Revolution 36DD Average Bra Size

Your breast size will change in proportion to your weight gain or loss, so get a bra fitting annually.

The Revolution Bra Makeovers

Marikar brought five of her bras, which she’s had for around 10 years. But her bras no longer fit. Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry shared a tip: “If it doesn’t fit, you need to quit.” She said this applies not only to bras and other possessions, but also to emotions and feelings.

She said not to hold onto old bras or other clothes that no longer fit, just for sentimental reasons. Instead, treat yourself to something that fits the new you.


Tim Gunn: Convertible Bras & Exposed Bra Straps

Tim Gunn said in all his years of giving women makeovers, he never met anyone who was wearing the right bra. Never show your bra straps, he said. Krista wears the same two bras constantly, and often has exposed bra straps in public.

But Tim Gunn gave Krista a makeover, which he called sophisticated and elegant. He said your bra needs to correspond to what you’re wearing as a top. You can buy specialty bras to complement different necklines, and you can also find Convertible Bras which are adjustable for multiple tops.

The Revolution: Sideboob Bra Fix

Excess flesh in your underarm area is unsightly, and it can be caused by the bra you’re wearing. Tim Gunn has a bra fix for Barbara, a longtime Sideboob sufferer whose wardrobe has been limited by this problem.

Tim Gunn’s solution for Barbara is a bra with a high side panel and boning, which holds the skin in and even lifts the breasts, giving her the perfect fix for strapless clothing and tank tops.

The Revolution: Miraclesuit Tank & Back Fat Bras

Back Fat is aggravated by bra straps, and Tim Gunn has a bra solution for Roberta and others who have this bra complaint. Back fat is caused by spillage, because your bra doesn’t fit.

Tim Gunn recommends a properly sized bra with smoothing panels can make the difference when it comes to this problem. He also recommends another garment, a waist-to-shoulders tank with a cutout for you to wear your own bra.

It’s called the Miraclesuit, and it sells for $32. Tim Gunn said it can make all the difference in how your clothes fit, eliminating back fat. Tim Gunn recommends getting sized by a bra expert once a year to make sure you’re wearing the correct size.


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