The Revolution: Vivian Cheung Weight Loss Diet Results


The Revolution: Vivian Cheung

This week, The Revolution followed Vivian Cheung on a five-month personal makeover transformation of her diet and fitness. She is engaged to Matt Fulton, and the two decided they wanted to get healthy as they start their lives together.

Vivian is a sales rep with a stressful job, and Matt joined in on her Revolution. Vivian was Addicted To Fast Food and had no sense of portion control. Matt was worried about the Genetic Health Effects Of Obesity.


The Revolution: Vivian Cheung Weight Loss

Vivian Cheung and her fiancee revealed their five-month weight loss totals.

The Revolution: Matt Fulton

The couple had trouble managing their finances. Tim Gunn helped Vivian save money by finding a Budget Wedding Dress for under $500. Michelle Singletary advised them to Cut Up Credit Cards and get their debt under control.

Harley showed them Low Impact Exercises and time saving 3 In 1 Exercises.


The Revolution has brought them physically closer together when they hug, because they’ve both lost weight. They have also learned some swaps to enjoy their favorites but save on calories. Read about the Importance Of A Diet Cheat Day.

Matt Fulton Weight Loss Results

Earlier in the show, Matt revealed that he lost 90 pounds over five months, which already beats every woman who’s appeared on the show since it launched in January. Granted, men tend to lose weight faster than women, and Matt was very obese to begin with, so he had a lot he could lose. But good for him nonetheless.

“It’s been very rewarding,” Matt said.

Vivian Cheung Weight Loss Reveal

Vivian weighed 204 pounds when she began the process five months ago. Finally, she revealed her slender new figure in the red dress she chose with Tim Gunn earlier in the week. Other than being heavily made up, she looks like a thinner version of the same person, which isn’t always how the reveals go on this show.

Tim noted that she’s not wearing her engagement ring on her ring finger anymore, which she said is because it no longer fits on that finger. Even her fingers have lost weight!

She wore a Maggie London dress from Macy’s and a small clutch. In watching the show, I’ve noticed that Tim Gunn loves to dress people in red! Read his advice on Finding The Red For You.

Vivian Cheung Diet Weigh In

It was time for Vivian to reveal her total weight loss from the last five months. She stepped the show’s giant scale, revealing that she lost 45 pounds in five months. Her current weight is 159.

Together, Matt and Vivian lost 135 pounds as a couple in five months.


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