The Revolution: Vivian Cheung Fast Food Weight Loss Challenge


The Revolution Makeover: Vivian Cheung

Vivian Cheung is a 32-year-old engaged woman who might just love junk food more than her fiancee, Matt. She and Matt will be undergoing a five-month health and nutrition transformation all week on The Revolution.

Her fiancee Matt said he loves that Vivian is playful and lighthearted. Vivian said she enjoys fast food, and even packs French fries into her hamburgers.


The Revolution: Couples Workout

Working out as a couple can help you motivate one another and achieve fitness goals as a team.

The Revolution: Fast Food Diet

Matt has never known anyone who gets as excited about food as Vivian. She shared some of her junk food favorites, like pizza, sushi, tacos, chips, and chocolate cake. This tempting assortment of junk is even making me hungry!

Vivian is a runner, and she burns a lot of calories in her workouts, but it’s still not enough to keep up with her food intake. She also indulges in ice cream after her workout, though she realizes this is counterproductive.


Revolution TV: Vivian’s Starting Weight

Vivian’s starting weight is 204.8. She is thinking about her future with Matt, and they both want to get healthy so they can have a family and enjoy their lives.

“I don’t want to be the fat dad, trying to chase his kid, out of breath,” Matt said, admitting he weighs 365.

Vivian said she’s happy Matt is joining her Revolution. They are committed and are focused on the big picture and what they want for their family.

Harley Pasternak: Couples Workout

Harley Pasternak said it’s good that Vivian is physically active, but hopefully Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry can help her get to the root of her food issues. Harley said he focused on coming up with workouts Vivian and Matt could do together.

Harley’s goal was to show them good workout habits they can execute in their own lives. Matt said his father died at age 58 of a Heart Attack. Matt realized that he will die earlier than he wants to if he doesn’t turn around his diet and health.

Vivian said that idea makes her sad for many reasons. Harley said that couples working together on the same goals can support one another and achieve success thanks to those bonds.

Vivian Cheung Diet Progress

Ty Pennington said that after one month of her Revolution, Vivian has lost 7% of her body fat and is getting a handle on her fast food addiction. Vivian was all smiles as she walked onto The Revolution stage for the first time. She announced that she has already lost 14 pounds.

Matt joined Vivian onstage with an announcement of his own. He has already lost 33 pounds, which is crazy. That’s a total of 47 pounds in just one month, and they still have four months to go.


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