The Revolution: Surf Twist Squat Exercise & Cancer Survivor Jenny


The Revolution Makeover: Jenny

Jenny is a single mom who’s making progress in her own lifestyle Revolution. It’s been four months since she started her journey, and she is making some major transformations.

She was an All American swimmer as a student. She has been a single mom since her son was nine months old. A few years ago, she learned she had Thyroid Cancer, and though she is now in remission, she knows she can make changes to be healthier overall.


The Revolution: Surfing Exercise

You can get the fitness benefits of surfing without needing a surfboard or the ocean.

The Revolution: Jenny Weight Loss Diet

Jenny’s goals include spending more time with her son and getting Back In The Pool. They are going to the beach or racing in the pool to get exercise, spending time together doing healthy activities.

She said she is proud of her progress and is looking forward to getting her life back. She is learning to manage her stress eating, and even met with fellow cancer survivor and advocate Kris Carr, author of Crazy Sexy Diet.


“I finally found me again, and it’s amazing,” Jenny said. Remarkably, she lost 53 pounds during the first three months of her Revolution.

Going On Active Dates

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said Jenny took a major step in month four. She asked someone out and went on her first date in six years.

Dr. Tiffanie said they went on an active date, going for a hike instead of out to dinner.

Harley Pasternak: Fun Exercises

Harley Pasternak said you can find a sport or activity you love to do with friends and family. It will make you forget you’re even exercising because you can get into it and have a good time instead of focusing on the work of exercise.

Jenny took this approach with surfing, and incorporated her son Ryan into the plan. Harley showed how you can strengthen the muscles you use in surfing, even if you don’t live anywhere near the ocean.

You don’t need a surfboard to try this activity in your living room.

The Revolution: Surf Twist Squat Exercise

Squat down, then twist the upper body. Next, jump 180 degrees to the right or left. Then repeat, jumping back to your original position.

This will work your core and burn fat, even if you don’t have a surfboard.

Jenny Four Month Update

Jenny started her Revolution at 243, and now it’s been four months of diet and exercise. Her current weight is 180, which means she has lost 63 pounds in 120 days. That’s great success, and tomorrow the show will reveal Jenny’s total weight loss results after five months.

The Revolution Me List: Jenny

Jenny is getting her life back on track by improving her relationship with her son, getting back on the dating scene, and being more active in her grade school classroom.

Her Me List included discussing her cancer diagnosis with son Ryan and now getting back in the water. Jenny went surfing with her son. It was her first time surfing in 20 years, and she has always wanted to go surfing with Ryan.

Jenny’s Surfing Challenge

She recalled that she couldn’t even play with Ryan on the beach four months ago. She was excited to learn how to surf, even though she wasn’t able to stand up on this trip. Jenny plans to keep at it and work on getting great at surfing in time for summer.

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said Jenny’s Revolution has really strengthened her relationship with Ryan. They make sure to spend a couple hours each week doing something fun together.


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