The Revolution: Step Up & Twist Compound Exercise & Vivian Diet


The Revolution Makeover: Vivian Cheung

This week, The Revolution is following Vivian Cheung And Her Fiancee Matt, who are working on creating a healthy lifestyle before they get married. They want to get physically fit and control their eating habits so they can start their marriage on a positive note and plan for a family in the future.

The Revolution: Compound Exercises & Couples

Couples working out together, like Vivian and Matt, can support each other and succeed as a team.


Vivian said the stress and expense of planning for a wedding have contributed to her desire to eat poorly. She and Matt love food, and they enable each other’s indulgences. For two months, they have been working with The Revolution team to get control of their workouts and eating habits.

Revolution TV: Hawaiian Vacation Temptation

She said that the first workout was physically and emotionally stressful for both of them, but they were committed to making lasting changes. Recently they went on a Hawaiian vacation with friends, where they were exposed to countless temptations.

Matt said it was a struggle for both of them to stick to their diet and exercise routines despite their tropical environment. However, they know quitting isn’t an option. Vivian is focused on looking great in her wedding dress, and Matt knows he needs to get in shape for his own health.


Harley Pasternak: Exercise & Time Management

Harley said Vivian is overly committed to exercise, and insisted on running a full marathon despite having bad knees. He is trying to help her find exercises that will help her manage her time, but she is insisting on arduous, time consuming, and tiring workouts instead.

Ty Pennington: Turkey Tacos

Ty Pennington said one of Vivian’s favorite temptations is Mexican food. She recently had a party and managed to make one of her favorite foods healthy. She made Turkey Tacos with Kale, Nonfat Cheese, and Chilies.

The Revolution: Compound Workouts

Harley said that Matt is getting the hang of workout out with Vivian, despite some foot pain that slowed him down early on. Harley took him off High Impact Exercises, substituting Bicycle Workouts and Compound Exercises.

Compound Exercises combine multiple exercises and muscle groups to get the heart rate up efficiently.

Step Up Exercise

Harley demonstrated the Step Up Exercise. You can use a chair, bench or milk crate. To do this, simply step up onto the object with one foot, letting the other foot dangle. Then step down, and repeat.

He recommended three sets of 20 reps.

Step Up & Twist Exercise

To make it more complex, you can add a ball, watermelon, or other object, twisting the ball in front of you as you step up.

Step Up & Twist Couples Exercise

You can incorporate a workout partner into this routine by passing the ball back and forth as you both step up and down. This exercise engages your core and gets your heart rate up.

Vivian Cheung 60 Day Weigh In

After two months, Vivian’s weight is down to 184 pounds, meaning she has lost 20 pounds. I guess we’re not getting an update on Matt’s weight loss today.


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