The Revolution: Skinny Southwest Wrap Recipe | Vivian Cheung


The Revolution: Vivian Cheung Weight Loss

Harley Pasternak said this week’s Makeover hero Vivian loves her fiancee Matt, but they may love food more than each other. He has been working with them to break their binge eating habits so they can be happy and healthy.

No Second Helpings

Harley said you should avoid getting second helpings or servings at meal time. He suggests sticking to one plate of food.


The Revolution: Healthy Breakfast Burrito

Learn to make this Healthy Breakfast Burrito and skip the fast food drive thru.

No Fast Food

Vivian and Matt were constantly eating fast food. Harley suggested avoiding environments where you’d be tempted to take advantage of the convenience, because of the calories that come along with it.

The Revolution Makeover: Vivian 3 Month Update

Vivian Cheung and Matt Fulton are engaged, and they want to get in shape before the wedding. They have been working on kicking their bad food habits, giving up the junk in exchange for healthier choices.


They want to get fit for their life together, and they want to be in shape to play with their future children. Now they are working out, losing weight, and cooking at home instead of eating out.

Matt got sidetracked in month two because of a foot injury, so he switched to some lower impact exercises. Meanwhile, Tim Gunn helped Vivian pick out a Beautiful Budget Wedding Dress for under $500.

Vivian 90 Day Weigh In

At the gym, Vivian has been climbing rope ladders. She is down to a size 12, and her clothes are now too big for her. After three months, she is down to 172.6, a total loss of 31 pounds so far.

Harley’s Skinny Southwest Wrap Recipe

Harley said Matt and Vivian both love Mexican food, so he gave them a low calorie, high protein breakfast recipe that’s easy to make in a skillet.

He recommended precooking ingredients to save time, especially when you’re in a hurry to start your day. The ingredients in this recipe are all premade, so consider that before heading into your kitchen.

Salsa adds flavor with few categories. Harley recommended finding a Tortilla with at least 5 grams of fiber. This wrap recipe has just 300 calories.


  • 3 oz Cooked Lean White Meat (Chicken, Turkey, or Pork)
  • ¾ cup Cooked Egg Whites
  • 2 tbsp. Non-Fat Cheese
  • Salsa and/or Hot Sauce, to taste
  • Jalapenos, Onions, or other favorite veggies
  • High Fiber Tortilla


  1. Combine your cooked meat and cooked egg whites on your tortilla.
  2. Add cheese, salsa, and as much of the other ingredients as you like, to customize your burrito for your personal palate.
  3. Roll it up and enjoy a low calorie breakfast that you can eat cold or nuke in the microwave for 15-30 seconds.


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