The Revolution: Sarah Baum’s Weight Loss Diet Results


The Revolution: Sarah’s Weight Loss Diet Results

This week, The Revolution followed Sarah through a journey to get control of her weight. She was disappointed that she had been put on desk duty because of her obesity, which she felt was setting a bad example for her young daughter. Her relationship with her husband was also strained, and she wanted to be sure to rekindle the sparks in their life.

Revolution Makeover: Sarah Baum's Results

Sarah Baum lost 47 pounds during her five-month Revolution.


Tim Gunn helped to pick out Sarah’s Goal Outfit. She also learned how the Sports Workouts she enjoyed as a child can help her meet her fitness goals. Ty Pennington gave her a garage makeover so she could get a Home Gym. Finally, she succeeded in Getting Over The Wall, so she can get back out on the streets at her job.

Sarah’s Revolution Makeover Reveal

Sarah appeared on The Revolution wearing her Goal Outfit and looking like a different woman. Her husband and daughter were in the audience to cheer her on. The Revolution hosts were excited to see the progress she had made during her five-month journey.

Before starting her Revolution, she got winded going up a flight of stairs. Now she can run six miles without stopping. She said she struggled with time management issues, but she managed to juggle her schedule. Now she and her husband are thinking about having another baby.


Sarah has thrown out all her sweatsuits and is wearing jeans. Hopefully they’re Tim Gunn-Approved Skinny Jeans. She has even stopped eating cereal, other than high fiber, low calorie, low sugar cereals. Good for her, beating Cereal Addiction.

Sarah said her husband has learned how to cook, and the family is working on eating better together.

Sarah’s Final Weigh In

When Sarah started her weight loss Revolution five months ago, she weighed 247 pounds. She has lost 47 pounds, bringing her down to 200 pounds.

Revolution TV: Career Goals

Sarah said she and her family got sick around the third month of her Revolution. She wasn’t sure what to do about this setback, but she’s proud of herself for not falling off the wagon at that point. She was actually battling Bronchitis when she finally Scaled The Wall At Work.

Sarah can’t wait to get back out on the street at her job. She plans to continue her good habits so she’s in even better shape when she gets off desk duty. Sarah’s advice to others is, “You’ve got to tell somebody. You’ve got to get your team ready.”

Sarah’s Advice For Moms

Sarah told her friend and next door neighbor about her goals, and Jamie kept her motivated and accountable. Jamie also lost 30 pounds during Sarah’s Revolution, and now they go to spin class together. She said moms need to know they can find time to make it work.

Revolution: Family Diet Support

Sarah’s husband Chuck told Ty Pennington, “We’re extremely proud of her. It’s been a long road.” Her daughter Charlotte ran on stage and gave her a big hug.

“It was really exciting for us as a family to hear that,” Chuck said of Sarah’s accomplishment in Scaling the Training Wall.

Dr. Tiffanie: Communication Tips

Dr. Tiffanie said good communication leads to great romance. Here are three tips she offered for better communication.

Speak Honestly & Clearly

You have to ask for what you want.

Use “I” Statements

Tell each other how you feel.

Ask Questions Before Reacting

Be an active listener and make sure you understand your partner.


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