The Revolution: Plane Crash Survivor Mercedes Ramirez Johnson


The Revolution: Mercedes Ramirez Johnson Weight Loss

Each week, The Revolution follows a woman on a five-month life transformation to get her in control of her fitness and nutrition. Previously, the show followed The Harris Sisters and Parole Officer Sarah Baum, who tackled their personal challenges. This week, the show is featuring a woman named Mercedes Ramirez Johnson with an amazing story of survival.

Revolution: Plane Crash Survivor

Mercedes Ramirez Johnson was one of just four survivors in the plane crash that killed both her parents.


Mercedes Johnson: Plane Crash Tragedy

Mercedes is a wife, mother, and motivational speaker who has been through tragedy in her life. Now she’s embarking on a five-month transformation to get control of her life and get in better shape.

On December 20, 1995, Mercedes and her parents left Miami on a plane heading to Colombia. Tragically, they never made it. The plane crashed into the Andes Mountains, and 160 people were killed. There were only four survivors, and Mercedes was one of them.

She woke up inside the wreckage of the plane, and later learned her parents died in the plane crash. She’s struggled to adjust to losing their presence in her life. She also had a long recovery, with massive abdominal injuries. She couldn’t eat or drink for three months, and had to get all her nutrition from IVs.


Mercedes: Macaroni & Cheese

Once she could eat again, she began a long love affair with food. She loves burgers and macaroni and cheese, which her kids enjoy as well. She feels that she survived the crash for a reason, and she has channeled her tragedy into an opportunity to inspire others as a motivational speaker.

“You were put on this earth to thrive,” she said in a clip from one of her speeches. She confessed that she is not living up to the values she uses to inspire others.

Revolution TV: Mercedes Me List

Mercedes made a list of goals she wants to accomplish during her five-month Revolution, which unfolds over five days on TV. Her first goal is “Reconnect with my inner fighter,” her desire to get back in touch her spirit.

Remarkably, she also wants to “Face The Mountain” that her plane crashed into seventeen years ago.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton said Mercedes feels like she is twice her age, due to the physical trauma she has been through.

Mercedes: Plane Crash Memories

Dr. Jennifer Ashton asked Mercedes about the tragedy she lived through. Out of 160 passengers, Mercedes is one of four who survived. Mercedes said she remembers the final seconds before the plane crashed. She woke up from a nap and noticed some turbulence, but thought it was normal.

Suddenly, she said the nose of the plane shot straight up against gravity. Mercedes heard her mother praying as other passengers began to panic. Her father was quiet and held onto her. It was a matter of seconds, but she said it felt like minutes.

The Revolution: Mercedes Diet

Tim Gunn called Mercedes an inspiration and asked who inspires her. She said her parents are a big inspiration. Her mother always had a smile and overcame a lot. Her children motivate her as well, and she sees a lot of potential in them.

Mercedes said even strangers can motivate you. She was recently working out at the gym, and she noticed a man with a prosthetic leg on the stationery bike. This inspired her to shut down the excuses and stick to her workout.

Revolution TV: Upper Body Workouts

Harley Pasternak said he had to modify his workouts to help Mercedes strengthen her body and work around her injuries. They started with upper body exercises, and Mercedes said she considers herself overweight.

She feels a responsibility to take care of her body, since it was saved and preserved in spite of the tragic plane accident. She said her father taught her the importance of being physically fit, and she wants to honor his memory as well as get in shape for her husband and family.

Mercedes was committed to not making excuses, no matter what. Instead, she is focusing on her goals and what motivates her to succeed.

Harley Pasternak Curl Press

Harley Pasternak showed off an upper body exercise called the Curl Press. You can use a weighted bar, a broom, or even a lead pipe to do this exercise.

Hold the weight with both hands, starting at your knees. Bend your elbows and bring the weight up to your neck. Then push your shoulders up, lifting the weight above your head.

Bring the weight back down to your neck, then lower it to your waist and repeat. Harley said this is a great exercise if you have knee or ankle pain, because it focuses on the upper body.

Harley recommends three sets of 20 reps, once or twice per week.

Mercedes One Month Weigh In

Mercedes began her revolution weighing 210 pounds. She could barely run, but after 30 days of exercise, she can run 2.4 miles in half an hour. So far, she has lost 16 pounds in the first month of her Revolution.


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