The Revolution: Mercedes Johnson Plane Crash Survivor Diet Results


The Revolution: Mercedes Plane Crash Survivor Diet Results

Mercedes Ramirez Johnson has gone through an amazing journey in the last week. Her story of survival is inspiring. She lost both her parents in a Colombian Plane Crash in 1995. Though she used the tragedy to inspire others as a motivational speaker, she gave herself permission to overeat and ignore her diet and health.

Mercedes turned to The Revolution and began her weight loss journey, Not Making Excuses despite her injuries and scars. She got to do Boxing Training With Laila Ali and was even able to Build Up The Stamina To Run two miles without stopping.


The Revolution: Salsa Salad Dressing

Try salsa on your salad instead of dressing to save calories.

The Revolution: Mercedes Diet Results

As she saw results over the months of her personal journey, Mercedes Gained Confidence. Finally, Mercedes and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry traveled Back To The Site Of Her Plane Crash to help her face her past so she can embrace the future.

“I was able to get closure with feelings of guilt that I’ve been carrying, from surviving a plane crash that ended up killing so many people,” Mercedes said. Her husband reports that she is getting her figure and confidence back.


She lost 45 pounds over the first four months and is teaching her children better diet and exercise habits.

Mercedes Final Weigh In

Mercedes’ husband Chris was in the audience for his wife’s big reveal. He was excited to see her step onto the stage. She looked like a completely different person than the one who began this Revolution. I would not have recognized her on the street.

She started out at 210 pounds, and has been committed to success in diet and weight loss. The Revolution hosts were overwhelmed and speechless by her spectacular results.

Mercedes stepped on the scale to reveal her final number. Mercedes lost 55 pounds in five months, and now weighs 155.

The Revolution: Macy’s Red Dress

Mercedes wore one of the Macy’s Red Dresses Tim Gunn mentioned earlier in the show. Tim Gunn said Mercedes started as a size 16, and he thought she might struggle to get to size 12 over five months. Instead, she is now a size 8.

Chris, her husband, said this proves that women are tougher than men. He said he is proud of her discipline and success.

“The biggest lesson is just to know that it’s OK to invest in me,” Mercedes said. “Even though that takes waking up at 4:45 in the morning to do that…I’m worth it.” Dr. Jennifer Ashton said that’s important for every mom.

Breaking Down Fitness Goals

Mercedes said she can’t believe the old photos are actually of her. She feels like a different person. She donated six bags of clothes to charity, because they are now too big for her.

Ty Pennington asked how she achieved success. She said she had to tell herself she could do it. Rather than think about the entire process over five months, she broke it into smaller, manageable goals. She slept in her workout clothes for motivation, to eliminate excuses.

Salsa Vs Salad Dressing Diet

Mercedes said she missed creamy textures in her diet when she began her Revolution. As an alternative, she found fat free cheeses and spreads, giving her flavor without fat. She loaded her salads with salsa instead of dressing.

Mercedes reflected on her emotional return to the Colomobian crash site. “To go back to the mountain and realize that I was on a plane that slammed into the side of this mountain, and here I am, alive and vibrant and with so much love and support in my life, it made me leave even that much more stronger,” she said.

Mercedes Johnson: Inspirational Speaker

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said she wanted Mercedes to realize how that experience helped her find her purpose in life. But Dr. Tiffanie said Mercedes helped her realize her own purchase by letting her come along on that emotional journey.

In the Colombian airport, Dr. Tiffanie bought matching bracelets for Mercedes and herself, to remind them both of their mission and opportunities to inspire others.


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