The Revolution: Jenny Cancer Book, Kids Workout & Ice Cream Swap


The Revolution: Jenny Weight Loss

After five months of hard work on her fitness and diet, single mom Jenny Cahalan revealed that she lost 66 pounds, in part thanks to the advice and help she got from The Revolution team.

Jenny’s son Ryan and mother Karen joined her onstage after the reveal to share their thoughts.


“Her father and I are so proud of her,” Karen said. “She has worked so hard, and she’s always been beautiful.” She called the transformation stunning.

The Revolution: Working Out With Kids

Getting kids in the habit of working out sets a good example and keeps you motivated.

Revolution: How To Discuss Cancer With Kids

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry asked Jenny what it was like to have a serious Conversation With Her Son Ryan about her struggle with Thyroid Cancer.


Jenny said she took Dr. Tiffanie’s advice to heart and had an important chat with Ryan. Now they have written a children’s book to help other parents and kids understand how cancer affects their relationship.

Cancer We Will Get Through This Together by Jennifer Cahalan

The book is called Cancer…We Will Get Through This Together, by Jennifer Cahalan & Ryan Knostman. Jenny said the book covers the stages of grief and said it is OK to feel angry or upset when you are dealing with serious illness.

Ryan and Jenny worked together to write and illustrate the book so their journey can benefit other families. “The goal was to engage in an open, honest discussion with your kids,” she said.

The book is not available yet, but they hope to get it published so they can spread the message to others.

Harley Pasternak: Kids Exercise

Harley Pasternak said it is great that Jenny and Ryan have been working out together. Kids imitate their parents’ behavior, and working out together sets a great example. It is never too early to get kids on the road to healthy habits.

The Revolution: Ice Cream Swaps

He asked what clicked for Jenny when it came to nutrition. Jenny said she and her son have a sweet tooth, but instead of ice cream they have substituted other snacks. Now they make smoothies, including Kris Carr’s Breakfast Green Drink. Ryan said his favorite smoothie is Strawberry.

Jenny’s Advice: How To Lose Weight

Dr. Jennifer Ashton praised Jenny for not letting her diagnosis define her. Dr. Tiffanie asked Jenny to give advice to other women who are struggling in life.

“I think you have to be in the right frame of mind and be ready to make that change,” Jenny said. She also said writing in a journey and keeping track of your food can be very important to your success.

Tim Gunn said both he and Dr. Jennifer are fellow swimmers, and they are glad that Jenny is getting back in the pool.


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