The Revolution: Harley’s Winter Blues Busting Smoothie Recipe


The Revolution: Blues Busting Foods

Harley Pasternak and British audience member Janine talked about foods that can help you naturally boost your mood during the winter months, especially if you are a Seasonal Affective Disorder Sufferer.

The Revolution Blues Busting Smoothie

Get Harley's recipe for the Winter Blues Busting Smoothie and enjoy a taste of summer.


Coffee & Tea

Harley said caffeine in coffee and tea can boost your mood as well as your metabolism. He added that two cups of coffee per day, or a diet soda, can actually be good for you. Green Tea is full of antioxidants that help keep your body in fighting shape.


Eating fish is very good, especially when it comes to fish that have healthy fats, such as salmon, herring, and mackerel. Salmon even has brain boosting power. Fish are loaded with Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin D, which have been proven to improve mode.


Lentils contain Folate, which is Vitamin B. Harley said a Harvard study found 40% of depressed women had a Folate deficiency. Harley recommended canned lentils rather than soaking dry lentils yourself.


The Revolution: Blues Busting Smoothie Recipe

Harley Pasternak shared his recipe for a Winter Blues Busting Smoothing. He used frozen berries, because they’re not usually a winter fruit. They have lots of nutrients.

The recipe included Greek yogurt, a healthy, high protein versatile snack, which also contains Vitamin D. You can make dips with it or even use it as an alternative to sour cream.

The smoothie also contained fresh squeezed Orange Juice, a good source of Vitamin C. Harley said he prefers eating the whole fruit, but using juice can keep the blender from getting stuck.

Harley’s Winter Blues Busting Smoothie Recipe


  • 1.5 cups Frozen Berries
  • 1 cup Nonfat Greek Yogurt
  • ⅓ to ½ cup Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice


  1. Put orange juice into blender.
  2. Add Greek Yogurt & berries.
  3. Blend on high or ice crush until smooth.
  4. Pour into a glass and serve.

Smoothie Nutrition Information

The result should be a colorful, tasty smoothie you can enjoy in the winter while you’re dreaming of summer. It contains 198 calories, 20 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and just 1 gram of fat.


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