The Revolution: Dry Land Breast Stroke & Cancer Survivor Jenny


The Revolution: Jenny Workout Update

Single mother and Cancer Survivor Jenny is in the second month of her Revolution. After beating a rare form of thyroid cancer, she is working to get in shape so she can prevent future bouts of the disease.

She has regular blood draws a few times a year to check on her health, and losing weight is something she can do to help battle the cancer. In two months, she has thrown out the cereal, chips, and candy. Now she and her son eat fruit and other healthy menu items.


The Revolution: Dry Land Breast Stroke

You don't even need a pool to do the breast stroke, as Harley Pasternak demonstrated today.

The Revolution: Jenny Weight Loss Diet

Jenny said she used to love late night snacks, but she’s committed to not sabotaging her success. She wants to get fit and spend time with her son, who is excited about the progress she is making.

Jenny, once an All American swimmer, is now back in the pool, swimming 100 laps two or three times each week. That’s some serious exercise, and she’s also building speed.


Revolution TV: Swimming & Sports Training

Jenny is a teacher, and her young students are already noticing that she’s getting fit. Harley said everyone loves to get compliments.

Harley Pasternak: Rose Bowl Workout

Jenny wanted to strengthen her legs for the pool, so Harley took her to the Rose Bowl stadium to run the steps. He said it was an intense workout, working a variety of muscles. Harley recommended reconnecting with the sports you enjoyed as a child and use that to develop a fitness routine for yourself.

Jenny loved swimming, and she’s been doing that as part of her workout. Harley showed a Swimmer’s Exercise you can do without needing a pool.

Dry Land Breast Stroke

Harley said you can use the floor or a bench to do this exercise. Lie on your stomach and pretend you are in the pool, doing the breaststroke. Alternately move your limbs to make a V with your arms and legs as you would if you were swimming.

This routine many different muscle groups all over your body. Suspending your limbs between reps can give you more strength training benefits from this exercise.

The Revolution: Cancer Survivor Jenny’s 60 Day Weigh In

Jenny lost a remarkable 22 pounds in her first month of the Revolution. Now that she’s making fitness progress in her second month, it’s time to find out how much she has lost. Her new weight is 206.5, which means she’s lost 36 pounds in just 60 days. That’s impressive.

Jenny’s story continues throughout the week, and on Friday she will reveal the results of her five-month Revolution.


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