The Revolution: Cancer Survivor Jenny Weight Loss Diet Results


The Revolution: Jenny Cahalan Weight Loss Diet Results

Jenny’s Revolution began five months ago, but it’s been captured in just five days this week on The Revolution. Her story truly begins as a teen, when she was an avid All American swimmer and beach lifeguard. She got married, then divorced soon after her son was born.

The Revolution: Swimming & Diet

Jenny Cahalan said getting back in the pool was key to her weight loss success.


Revolution TV: Jenny’s Story

Jenny has been a single mom ever since, and her son is now 12. She hadn’t been on a date in six years before starting her Revolution. She was out of shape, and recently had a scary battle with Thyroid Cancer. Though she is now in remission, she wants to be healthy so she can help her body avoid getting cancer again.

Jenny hadn’t been in the pool for over 12 years, and she missed the water and working out. Among her goals for her Revolution were swimming and surfing with her son at the beach. Jenny also had to learn to manage her stress eating and set a better example for her son.

Revolution: Jenny’s Me List

She did not want to beat cancer just to die of obesity. So she began working with the Revolution team to transform her diet and fitness routines. Now she’s back in the pool and even went surfing with her son Ryan.


She said she stayed motivated by writing down three successes every day in her journal. She thinks that all these positive changes have made her a better mother and friend, as well as improving her mood and feelings.

Jenny’s Weight Loss Reveal

Ryan was in the audience for his mother’s big revelation. She came out wearing The Top She Chose With Tim Gunn at the beginning of her journey. It is clear that she has lost a remarkable amount of weight.

“I feel amazing,” Jenny said. “I feel like me again.”

Tim Gunn said Jenny went from a size 20 to a size 12. Harley Pasternak praised Jenny’s hard work, saying she lost 36 inches of fat from her body. He asked Jenny to share her favorite exercise.

The Revolution: Squats Exercise

Jenny said her favorite exercise was Squats, because she noticed the difference they made. Though they were hard for her at the beginning, she kept at it and they really paid off.

Ty Pennington asked how Jenny felt when she got back in the pool for the first time in over 10 years.

“I felt like I was home again,” Jenny said. “And I didn’t just step into the pool. I dove into the pool.”

Harley congratulated Jenny for taking control of her own life as well as setting a great positive example for her 12-year-old son.

Revolution: Jenny Weight Loss Total

Finally it was time for Jenny to reveal the dramatic results of her weight loss journey. She stepped onto the scale.

Ty said Jenny started her Revolution at 243 pounds. Now, she weighs just 177, for a total loss of 66 pounds in five months.


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