The Revolution: Cancer Survivor Jenny & Elbow To Knee Exercise


The Revolution Makeover: Jenny

Each week, The Revolution follows a “Hero,” a woman going through a five-month transformation through diet and exercise. They’re going to be hard pressed to top last week’s Hero, Mercedes Johnson, whose Plane Crash Survival Story and weight loss success were remarkable.

The Revolution Jenny: All American Swimmer

Former lifeguard and All American swimmer Jenny hasn't been in the pool for over a decade.


Jenny’s Story: Divorced Single Mom

This week’s subject is a 41-year-old divorced single mom and cancer survivor, so that’s a pretty good summary. Jenny is from Orange, California, and she got divorced when her son was nine months old; he is now 12. She said that as a single mom, she’s put herself on the back burner.

She loves going to the beach with her son, but the physical activity wears her out. “I don’t like my mom being overweight, because she can’t do anything fun with me,” her son Ryan said.

The Revolution: Jenny & Thyroid Cancer

Jenny used to be a lifeguard and All American swimmer, but she hasn’t been in a pool in over a decade. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with a rare thyroid cancer, which was understandably scary for her and her son.


Jenny said she shut off her feelings and was strong for her son. She had surgery 16 months ago and is currently cancer-free. Doctors say this is a miracle, and Jenny knows losing weight will help her fight off future bouts of cancer.

Revolution TV: Diet & Cholesterol

She wants to change her diet for herself and her son, whom she recently learned has high cholesterol. She feels guilty about this and wants to give him the healthy foods he needs.

Jenny is ready to take responsibility for everything in her life. She weighed 243 pounds at the start of her Revolution. Now that she’s taking stock of her life, she is letting herself feel again. “I’m killing myself with this obesity,” Jenny said. “Here I beat cancer, and then obesity’s what’s going to kill me.”

The Revolution Me List

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said anyone can make a Me List. Writing down your goals is the first step to making them a reality.

The first goal Jenny has on her Me List is to Be Honest with herself and her son about her struggle with cancer. They didn’t talk much about it, and Dr. Tiffanie said it’s an important conversation with Ryan.

Dr. Tiffanie also hopes Jenny will reclaim her championship status, so she can Surf and Swim with her son Ryan.

The Revolution: Thyroid & Weight Gain

Trainer Harley Pasternak said he has been working with Jenny for 30 days. He’s encouraged her to get back in the pool. “Physically, there’s nothing she can’t do. She realizes that, and she’s doing it,” Harley said.

Jenny hasn’t been exercising since her thyroid cancer diagnosis. Harley said diet and exercise are vitally important in battling thyroid issues, to prevent further weight gain. He had her do jumping jacks to get her heart rate up and get her out of her comfort zone.

When she felt nauseous, she took a break for water and fresh air, and then went back to her workout. Next, Harley had Jenny do crunches, while talking to her about her opportunities to succeed, despite being obese and out of shape.

Harley said the fact that she kept going was a defining moment for Jenny. Extreme exercise can cause muscles to produce Lactic Acid, which you can taste. You can push past it, as long as you stay hydrated.

Harley Pasternak: Elbow To Knee Exercise

Harley shared an exercise he taught Jenny. It’s a move you can do anywhere, and you don’t need special equipment. He asked Tim Gunn to demonstrate it.

Put your right hand behind your head. Then bring your left knee and right elbow toward each other. Then switch sides.

This can get your heart rate going and work your core, even if you’re wearing a suit like Tim Gunn. Harley suggests three sets of 30 reps per side, a few times per week.

The Revolution: One Month Weigh In

Jenny joined The Revolution hosts for her One Month Weigh In. She has lost 22 pounds in the first 30 days of her journey.


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