The Revolution: Bree Boyce Diet Plan & Burpee Exercise


The Revolution: Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce Meal Plan

Bree Boyce has lost 114 pounds and kept them off for three years. She joined Harley Pasternak to explain how she did this. Bree said she met with a nutritionist to get on the right track and educate herself. She cut out fast food, fried food, and processed food.

Diet is 90% of what counts when making a lifestyle change. Bree Boyce said that diet and exercise are connected, and if you’re not watching your eating habits, you may not see workout results.


Eating multiple small meals throughout the day can boost your metabolism. “You can’t undo a bad diet, no matter how much exercise you do,” Harley said.

The Revolution: Bree's Daily Diet

Fresh, low calorie fruits and veggies are a major part of Bree's daily meal plan

The Revolution: Steel Cut Oats & Egg Whites

Bree likes Steel Cut Oats with Cinnamon. She also enjoys Scrambled Egg Whites, and half a Grapefruit or Banana with Green Tea. Egg Whites don’t contain saturated fats.


Harley said this is a lot of food but it’s low in calories, and starting the day with breakfast is more important than some people think.

The Revolution: Protein Shake

Bree has a mid-morning snack, though her daily schedule varies. She has an apple and a Whey Protein shake.

Lunch: Tuna Salad & Raw Vegetables

She likes Tuna Salad and fresh vegetables for lunch. Raw vegetables are much better than those with cheese or oils added. Harley cautioned that Tuna contains mercury and you may want to limit it to twice a week.

Harley Pasternak: Greek Yogurt & Almonds

Bree enjoys Greek Yogurt and a few Almonds in the afternoon. Harley said earlier that nuts aren’t a great protein source, but the fats they contain are healthy. He also recommends berries in your yogurt for fiber.

The Revolution: Healthy Dinner

For dinner, Bree recommends a small salad as well as Salmon, Brown Rice, and Vegetables.

Bree Boyce’s Workout Routine

Bree showed off some of her favorite moves, explaining that she’s built up her endurance over time. She enjoys Cross Fit.

The Revolution: Burpee Exercise

Burpee is a combination of jumps and push ups. Bend down and kick your legs out to the Push Up position. Go all the way down, do your Push Up, and then jump up on your feet.

Heisman Jump Exercise & Football Sprints Exercise

Bree also likes the Heisman Jump, modeled after the sports icon, as well as Football Sprints, where you alternately run and sprint in place. You should shoot for 150 minutes of cardio each week as part of your exercise routine.


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