The Revolution: 7,000 Calorie Challenge & Jenny Weight Loss Diet


The Revolution: Jenny Weight Loss Diet

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry reminded everyone that this week the show is following Cancer Survivor, 2nd Grade Teacher, and Single Mom Jenny, who recently battled Thyroid Cancer. Now she wants to take advantage of her new lease in life by getting back in shape, changing her diet, and being more active with her son.

Over the first three months of her Revolution, she has embraced Organic Foods and makes meals using fresh ingredients. She is excited about getting back in the dating scene, because it’s been six years since her last date.


The Revolution: Cycling & Spinning

Cycling & Spinning are low impact cardio exercises that anyone can do.

The Revolution: Jenny Cancer Survivor

Jenny said her son recently had a severe asthma attack and had to go to the Emergency Room, but he is doing OK now. Jenny also finally had a chat with him about her cancer, which they never did while she was going through it. Together, they are writing a children’s book about dealing with cancer.

Meanwhile, Jenny is Back In The Pool, doing well at the gym, and working on a new hobby of creating greeting cards. She feels confident and energetic, and she lost 36 pounds during the first two months of her Revolution.


Harley Pasternak: 7,000 Calorie Challenge

Harley Pasternak showed the audience two pounds of fat, representing a challenge he posed to Jenny. He challenged her to burn 7,000 calories in a single day. Harley said this isn’t something you should do regularly, but it’s OK to do it once in awhile to show yourself what you are capable of.

Harley said Jennifer did spinning, jogging, running, and weight lifting, but she didn’t make it to 7,000 calories before the gym closed for the night. So Jenny and her son jogged in the parking lot until she hit her goal.

Jenny Weight Loss: Cycling & Spinning

Jenny is getting her son involved in her healthier choices, which is setting a great example for him. Lower body fat can help with asthma. Jenny and her son also enjoy Spinning Class.

Harley recommended Spinning or Bicycling, because it’s a low impact exercise and a good form of transportation. He cautioned that you should check for proper seat height, ensuring that your bottom leg has no more than a 5 degree knee bend.

You can shop for more ergonomic bicycle seats or even find a used bicycle by shopping online.

Jenny’s Revolution: Three Month Weigh In

Jennifer has come a long way in the first three months of her Revolution. Now she’s ready to step on the scale once again. Her new weight is 190.2, which means that in three months she has lost 53 pounds. That is amazing any way you look at it.

Dr. Tiffanie said Jenny has lost two pants sizes since starting her journey.



  1. Maximilian Angle says

    I am at college and wanted to do the 7,000 calorie challenge but need guidance in how I would do this?


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