The Doctors: Lactose Intolerant Calcium Swaps


The Doctors: Cereal Milk Vitamins

If you have cereal for breakfast, you may want to drink the milk in your bowl. 40% of the vitamins in cereal are absorbed into the milk, so if you are leaving milk behind, you’re missing out on health benefits.

As a kid, I always loved to drink the milk left in my cereal bowl. But I lost my taste for it as an adult. Now I have to reconsider that policy, and maybe switch to less sugary cereals as well.


Sugar from sweet cereals will also end up in the milk, so keep that in mind when shopping for healthy cereal.

The Drs: Non-Dairy Calcium Sources

If you're lactose intolerant or just hate milk, you can still get the calcium you need.

The Drs: Figs Recipe

40% of Americans are Lactose Intolerant. But you can still get your calcium from other sources. Figs are a huge source of Calcium, which helps with strong bones, nerve function, and hormones.


A glass of milk has 300 grams of Calcium, and Dr. Lisa Masterson said women need about 1,000 to 1,5000 milligrams of Calcium per day. Click on the following link to read Dr. Lisa’s Fig Recipe.

Sesame Seeds Calcium Source

One ¼ cup of Sesame Seeds contains 351 grams of Calcium, which is more than a glass of milk. You can sprinkle Sesame Seeds on chicken, fish, or even salad to get your Calcium.

The Drs: Blackstrap Molasses for Calcium

Two tablespoons of Blackstrap Molasses has 400 grams of Calcium. You can use it in place of syrup or other sugary substances.

Dr. Travis Stork: Chocolate Cravings & Exercise

Many people crave chocolate, but a new study has found a way to curb your sweet tooth. Taking a 15 minute walk instead of picking up that chocolate bar cut chocolate consumption in half, in a recent research study.

Exercise boosts your endorphins just like sweets would do. Dark chocolate has health benefits, but a little bit goes a long way. This is another small change that can lead to big health results, and small changes can snowball as you gain momentum.


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