Revolution: Vivian Cheung & Matt Fulton Diet Weight Loss Advice


The Revolution: Matt & Vivian

Vivian Cheung and her fiancee Matt Lost A Combined 135 Pounds in five months while transforming their diet and exercise habits on The Revolution. Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry asked if Vivian plans to keep up her new habits going forward.

“If I could get this reaction all the time, hell yeah,” she said.


Revolution: Vivian & Matt

Vivian & Matt offered perspective on how they lost 135 pounds in five months as a couple.

Losing Weight As A Team

Tim Gunn said he thought this process strengthened their partnership as a couple in advance of their coming wedding.

Vivian said Matt has kept her on track, reminding her how much she would have to work out to burn off calories from her temptations and cravings.


Overcoming Emotional Eating

Dr. Tiffanie helped Vivian deal with her Emotional Eating earlier in the week. She asked Vivian if she has found another way to deal with her emotions.

“Whenever I really do get stressed out, it’s nice to go to the gym and do something like boxing, just so you can get that anger out,” she said. “I think I’ve also found that I don’t have to cut out everything that I love to eat.”

Healthy Swap: Ground Turkey

Vivian said she learned how to replace ground beef with ground turkey, and make other swaps so she can enjoy her favorite recipes without the calories.

Harley Pasternak reminded everyone that Vivian’s problem was never exercise. She was always active, but her junk food habits were so out of control that her workouts weren’t helping her lose weight. Harley asked what healthy foods she has enjoyed most in the last five months.

She said she uses ground turkey in her Mexican food recipes. Now she also loves the vegetable Kale, which Harley compared to lettuce. Vivian uses it in tacos and other recipes, because it helps fill you up.

Revolution TV: Competitive Exercise

Vivian also shared her exercise mind trick from The Revolution. She is very competitive, so anytime she could compete or challenge someone else, she would get motivated.

Lower Obesity Risk

Dr. Jennifer Ashton talked to Matt about his family history and the health improvements he has made in the last five months. His formerly high LDL cholesterol is now in a normal range, and he is no longer pre-diabetic.

Combined with his weight loss and exercise, Matt has lowered his risk of Heart Disease and other complications from obesity. Harley said the couple is now on track to be around to play with their grandchildren decades from now.

Vivian Cheung Weight Loss Advice

Vivian shared her advice for others who want to follow their example. “You have to want it. If you don’t want it and you’re going to give half the energy or half the time, it’s not going to happen for you.”

Vivian said doing it together with Matt gave her support to help her through the tough times. She said her family has been inspired by their progress.


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