Revolution TV: Commercial Break Workouts & Home Comfort Zone


The Revolution Makeover: Harris Sisters 60 Day Weigh-In

This week, The Revolution is following The Harris Sisters through a five-month health revolution. Previously, The Harris Sisters Struggled With Independence & Diet.

Today, Jamilla & Cherrell Harris are two months into their Revolution journey. They confessed that in the past they hadn’t given much thought to their diets. Now, The Harris Sisters are exercising every day and making healthier diet choices. Yesterday, the girls revealed that they lost a combined 34 pounds in the first month of their Revolution.


Ty Pennington: Living Room Makeover Revealed

Ty Pennington shows how to make your living space personal and inspirational.

The Revolution Diet Tip: Eat Before You Go Out

Ty Pennington said the girls have adopted a unique strategy for going out with friends. They eat at home before meeting friends for dinner, and spend time at the restaurant being social. This saves them money and keeps them away from any temptations on the menu.

How Saying No Changes Your Life

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry explained The Power Of Saying No to The Harris Sisters. That advice is making a difference. They are saying no to fattening desserts and making choices for themselves instead of others.


“Before The Revolution, we were Yes people, and now we say no,” The Harris Sisters said. Saying no to others is saying Yes to yourself.

The Revolution: “Me List”

The Harris Sisters have accomplished their goal of putting themselves first. This was the first item on their “Me List” of things they hoped to achieve during The Revolution.

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said everyone can practice saying no in their own lives. No is a protective mechanism, and it can bring about change. Saying no can make you feel better.

Ty Pennington: Home Makeover

Before their Revolution, The Harris Sisters spent a lot of time on their couch. Ty Pennington wanted to help them renovate their living space to reflect their more active lifestyles. He surprised the girls at their home to help them shake things up.

Ty Pennington noted that the sisters have a lot of couches, and they even eat their meals on the couch. He said that comfort can encourage overeating, which can inhibit healthy habits. He announced his plan to make their living room reflect their new goals.

Ty Pennington Living Room Makeover

It was out with the couches and in with a new inspiring look for The Harris Sisters. He replaced their couch with individual chairs for the sisters. On the wall, he painted a tree, decorated with pictures of the Harris Sisters on their journey.

In the past, they never put up pictures of themselves. The design reveal brought The Harris Sisters to tears. Ty Pennington explained that the tree is a symbol of their strength and growth. Different colored chairs symbolized the Sisters’s budding independence.

Ty Pennington: Living Room Comfort

Ty Pennington explained that the living room he designed for The Harris Sisters was meant to motivate and inspire them. In decorating your own space, a little change can make a big impact on how you feel.

He suggested setting a schedule for your comfortable living room, with hours for the kids to do homework, and other times for adults to enjoy the space. Making a room your own will make you feel more at home.

Harley Pasternak: Commercial Break Workouts

Harley Pasternak reported that the Harris Sisters now work out during commercial breaks while watching TV. They do jumping jacks or jog in place while enjoying TV and movies. Getting in extra workouts can add up over time.

The Revolution Diet Results

Harley Pasternak shifted The Harris Sisters away from fried foods and onto techniques such as Baking, Broiling, Grilling, and Steaming their meals. Replacing oils with sprays is another healthy swap, saving one pound of body fat every two weeks.

After 60 days of diet and exercise, it was time for the Harris Sisters to weigh in again. Cherrell started at 236 pounds, and has now lost a total of 24 pounds. Jamilla started off at 246, and now she has lost 23 pounds. In two months, The Harris Sisters have lost a combined 47 pounds. The Sisters will continue their journey throughout the week.


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