Revolution: Hot Sauce Diet, Walking Vs Running & Mercedes Update


The Revolution Makeover: Mercedes Ramirez Johnson

Mercedes Ramirez Johnson lost both her parents in a plane crash, but she uses her story to inspire others as a motivational speaker. This week, she is sharing her five-month Revolution transformation. Earlier, she shared her Plane Crash Survival Story and got a special Training Session With Boxer Laila Ali.

Mercedes admitted to having a setback. She gained almost three pounds after indulging in wine and snacks at a girls night out. But she is committed to achieving her goals and sees pain as a motivational tool, because it means she is making progress.


Mercedes said she noticed her clothes are getting baggy, and she is now wearing a size small belt. In her first two months, she lost 20 pounds.

The Revolution: Hot Sauce Diet

The Revolution: Hot Sauce Diet

Harley Pasternak: Hot Sauce Diet

Mercedes enjoys spicy flavors, and she uses hot sauce to spice up her meals without adding calories. Eating chilies can spur the body to burn more calories by boosting the metabolism.


The Revolution: Me Time

Mercedes said juggling her responsibilities meant she had to schedule time for her workout. She goes to the gym when her children are in school, allowing her to focus on her needs and goals. “As a mom and as a woman, you have to take time for yourself, ‘cause you can’t be everything that you need to be and everything that you want to be to the people that depend on you if you don’t take care of you first,” she said.

She said she’s learning it’s OK to give herself a couple hours of personal time each day.

Harley Pasternak: Walking Vs Running

Mercedes enjoys running as cardiovascular exercise and a way to clear her head. Despite her injuries, she is making great strides as a runner. Harley Pasternak said anyone can become a runner.

Harley said you should start by walking regularly, and jogging every few minutes, adding jogging time each week. Over time, you can turn walking into jogging, and eventually running.

Mercedes: Three Month Weigh In

After three months of diet and exercise, Mercedes stepped back on the scale. Her current weight is 178 pounds, a total loss of 32 pounds since starting her Revolution journey. She is keeping up the pattern I’ve noticed with Revolution makeover subjects, who seem to lose about 10 pounds per month.


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