Revolution: Eat More & Lose Weight | Doughnut Vs Cookie Calories


The Revolution: Eat More, Lose Weight

Harley Pasternak’s motto is “Eat Less, Move More.” But today he’s breaking his own rules to show how eating more can help you lose weight.

Harley Pasternak is countering the common assumption that you have to eat less or limit your portions to lose weight. He asked his fellow hosts and the audience what one cup of Macadamia Nuts has in common with a large assortment of Fresh Vegetables or a large tub of Popcorn.


The Revolution: Eat More & Lose Weight

Which has more calories: doughnuts or cookies?

Macadamia Nuts Vs Vegetables Vs Popcorn

The answer is they have about the same caloric amount. Harley said you should do the opposite of what you’d think, eating more to lose weight.

That means you get the same amount of calories from eating the tub of plain Popcorn as you would from eating just one cup of nuts. Read more about Why Nuts Are Fattening Snacks.


The Revolution: How To Eat More & Lose Weight

Harley said look for high volume, low calorie foods that have water content, such as vegetables and soups. That’s what makes soups and salads such great options when you’re dieting.

The weight of food is what makes you feel full, so following this advice can be a great way to have as many healthy snacks as you want.

You can also juice vegetables to get great nutritional benefits from vegetables. Read Kris Carr’s Green Juice Recipe for some suggestions.

Doughnut Vs Cookie Calories

If you are going to indulge in a decadent dessert or treat, you can choose something with lots of air content versus a dense dessert which is likely to have more calories.

Harley checked the caloric density of a fast food doughnut versus a cookie. He found that the doughnut, which contains a lot of air, had 230 calories. The cookie was smaller, but it had 480 calories.

The Revolution: High Volume, Low Calorie Foods

“Look for high volume, low calorie foods that you can eat more of and still drop the weight,” Harley said.

Any advice that involves permission to eat is good advice. For more tips on healthy eating, check out Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce’s Diet Plan.


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